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Intelligent UHF Radio Modems from RF Innovations

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RF Innovations  presents RFI 595F intelligent UHF radio modems capable of functioning high speed in hostile RF environments with data throughput of of 9600 bps. The unit allows for different data configurations such as store and forward repeater operation and intelligent protocol routing for large SCADA systems.

Features of the RFI 595F radio modems include:

  • Economical design
  • Built-in path testing
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Up to 50k in one hop
  • Front panel indicators
  • Forward error correction
  • Can be commissioned without test equipment
  • Store and forward repeater function
  • No progressive degradation of Signal to Noise ratio as the repeater function brings the signal back to digital base band.
The intelligent built in radio modems can interface with virtually any standard PLC, data logger or computer. In-built buffers can handshake with input/output devices with data speeds up to 38 400 bps and transparently move data to the other end.

Radio modems are also capable of communicating over great distances, depending on geography and terrain. Good line of site paths from mountain top to hill can extend useful range beyond 100km. Repeater facility permits extended range when a clear line of site path isn't available.

The UHF Radio modems from RF Innovations are built to a high standard to ensure a quality performance.

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