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Stentofon Communications and airport operations

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Staff working at an airport, including those working for airlines and air freight carriers can all use Stentofon systems for simple but invaluable internal communications. AlphaCom systems already installed are used for Public Address announcements gate, gate and check-in desk communications, communication with security staff, baggage areas, airline back offices and more.

Stentofon AlphaCom supports many hundreds of user terminals which can be strategically placed and programmed with 'priority set-up', those with customer facing positions sited at ticketing, check-in, baggage handling and customs particularly benefit from these capabilities, in addition to the impressive feature list.

Effective communications are a proven tool in increasing an airports capability to handle larger volumes of passengers and cargo. A Stentofon system will not only expand an airport capacity to handle more traffic, it will also set an impressive standard for the quality of service staff provides to passengers. 

STENTOFON Communications Australia Pty Ltd have products which provide an excellent service to baggage handlers, maintenance staff and all airport personnel in a hurry. The Substations are strong and sturdy and are made to withstand rough usage. Special microphones which cancel out background noise make life much easier for the control room and loud external speakers do the same for the baggage handlers on the runway.

These stations are also available as master stations. A full numeric keypad allows the user to choose which stations he or she wishes to address. The Keypads have large call buttons so there is no need to remove working gloves while using the intercom.

Finally, the station can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, which is crucial under the tarmac conditions. The open runway offers little or no shade, so on hot summer days it is crucial that the stations can withstand direct sunlight.

Features of this staff communication system: 

  • Clear, effective and hands-free communication 
  • Interfaces two Emergency Services - fixed 
  • Radio communication for mobile ground operation staff 
  • Interface to air radio 
  • Priority setup of critical calls 
  • Call queuing - no lost calls or busy tones

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