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Parking intercom systems from STENTOFON offer a complete carpark security system

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article image Parking intercom systems provide convenience and safety in parking facilities

STENTOFON parking intercom systems offer a complete security security solution for users and control room attendents as modern parking facilities grow bigger and bigger.

Parking facility users rely on parking intercom systems when they are blocked at the entrance or exit gate and wish to talk to the control room, in case there is a problem with the payment terminal and they require assistance, and most importantly as a security measure when walking to the car alone in a quiet parking area.
STENTOFON parking intercom systems feature help points that with just the touch of a button places a call directly to the security desk. CCTV cameras are also automatically triggered when a corresponding help point is used so that the guards can also see what is going on. Furthermore, elevators, barriers and pay terminals are equipped with built-in stations to provide information to the users in case of a malfunction.
The STENTOFON conventional and IP substations are typically used as communication, information or emergency points, and have the following features:

  • two-way, hands free (IP) communication
  • high power lamp / strobe flashes when activated for emergencies
  • connection to external IP video camera 
  • optimal wideband audio quality
  • remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring
  • tamper alarm for additional system security.
STENTOFON also offers a wide range of public address solutions for parking facilities. A public address system can liven up the parking house with background music and is able to broadcast security announcements to the users in the entire facility or just certain areas.

STENTOFON parking intercom systems are already in use worldwide, such as at the Minneapolis Municipal Parking Organization, Minnesota, USA.
The City of Minneapolis Municipal Parking comprises 19 parking facilities with a total of 22,000 spaces and has a view towards adding another 15 to 18 facilities. The Parking Association had to find a means to reduce the enormous costs associated with providing 'round-the-clock' security for its existing locations. A sophisticated electronic security system was quickly put in place with each location utilizing CCTV, access control, and STENTOFON intercoms, all monitored from a remote but central security control center. The communication system utilises AlphaCom exchanges, linked over the city's fiber optic backbone, and approximately 400 STENTOFON stations.

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