Varnish Removal Unit by CJC™ for prevention of oil degradation


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Oil degradation, such as oxidation products, resin, sludge and varnish, is a common problem in many industries. Serious consequences can occur in hydraulic and lubrication systems caused typically by oxidation (oxygen), hydrolysis (water) and thermal degradation (high temperature), heavily affecting the performance and reliability of the machinery. CJC™’s Varnish Removal Unit with a revolutionary high efficiency for removing soft contaminants from oil.

CJC™’s Varnish Removal Unit has been specialty made to eliminate oil degradation products and prevent shut downs due to varnish across all hydraulic and lubrication systems

  • Increased system reliability and availability
  • Full control of governor systems and smooth operating valves
  • No need for tank cleaning and system flushing
  • Minimal maintenance and supervision of the CJC™ VRU

With the CJC™ VRU the oil lifetime can be extended to 10-20 years in operation without compromising its properties

  • Avoiding a turbine trip and prolonging oil life can result in up to $40,000 worth of savings
  • Less oil is consumed due to reduced top-ups
  • Extend the lifetime of components
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower energy consumption and environmentally friendly

By using the CJC™ Varnish Removal Unit, the amount of varnish deposits on metal surfaces will be reduced, increasing the reliability and lifetime of expensive components and systems.

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