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High precision belt weighers manufactured by SRO Technology

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SRO Technology manufactures a range of high accuracy precision belt weighers. These belt weighers are ideal for accounting and production applications.

SRO’s BA-40 series of dynamic weighing platforms are designed to be fully floating with four loadcell platforms to offer highly precise measurments.

Each loadcell platform is installe with 2 to 8 fixed weighing idlers, with optional stored in place billet weights to improve ease of calibration.

Also available are custom built weigh quality idler sets that both complement and optimise the precision scale systems.

The precision weighers are capable of accuracies ranging from 0.2% to 0.5% across 20-120% of their designed capacities.

Contact SRO for more information about its range of precision weighing equipment and to discover which options are most suited to specific weighing applications.

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