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Data mining product will boost fraud detection

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SPSS has unveiled its new data mining workbench, Clementine 10, providing a substantial boost for customer relations management (CRM), marketing, fraud detection and revenue assurance applications.

Clementine 10 offers extensive new features to enable much greater productivity and cost efficiency for the full range of data mining applications and the entire data mining process, from business insight to integration with business processes and operational systems.

Organisations harnessing Clementine 10 will find a wealth of specific new benefits.

Fraud detection and revenue assurance applications will gain from ‘anomaly detection’, which will simplify the analysis process, provide deeper insight and enable the use of these results in operational deployment.

Analytical CRM and marketing applications, such as customer acquisition, cross-/up-selling and customer retention, will be enhanced through Clementine 10's ‘feature selection’.

This will produce simpler, more intuitive models more easily, providing improved customer insight and simplifying operational deployment.

Predictive power will be maximised by Clementine's 360-degree view of the customer, incorporating information from databases, text documents, surveys and Web site behaviour.

With Clementine 10, data mining applications can be managed and processes automated at an enterprise level, providing the most up-to-date results in a secure, auditable environment, through the addition of SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services.

Enhancements in Clementine 10 support increased productivity, performance and integration.

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