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Colour 3D printing and fused deposition modelling from SOS Components

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SOS Components  offer services like 24 Bit colour 3D printing and fused deposition modelling. 24 Bit colour 3D printing from SOS Components include direct casting moulds for alloys or plastic, investment cast patterns, functioning working parts, elastomeric parts and snap fit parts. Fused deposition modelling provided by SOS Components comprise of functional testing, product mock ups, vacuum forming masters, marketing tools and modelling in ABS, Polypheylsulfone, Polycarbonate and PC - ISO Plastic.

3D Colour Printing offered by SOS Components include 24-bit colour, 3D printing capability of the equipment, which provides colour components that precisely signifies original design concept of the clients. For strategic advantage in product development, SOS Components provide colour models in rapid prototype. The enhanced software used by SOS Components help clients in adding colour artwork to desired model. Customers can also add feature colouring, texture mapping, raised text, part labelling or annotation to computer model.

Additionally, SOS Components offers direct casting moulds, rubber or urethane Elastomeric parts and more. SOS Components provide clients with the desired design out in hours in full living colour. These are apt for various applications like education, finite element analysis, appliances, architecture, automotive, footwear, functional testing, concept modelling, molecular modelling, packaging, geographic information systems, medical and more.

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