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Revenue management services offered by SMT Consulting

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Services offered by SMT Consulting under the category of process include revenue management, labour management, management education, continuous improvement, transport management, project management, production scheduling and postal organisations.

Revenue management service offered by SMT Consulting is a new business process through which similar disciplines are put into the process of pricing as found in supply chain and finance functions.

Revenue management has been used in niche businesses such as hospitality and airline for a long time and currently it is being used in several other areas also to provide a significant boost and competitive advantage to profits and revenues.

SMT Consulting offers demand and labour management under its new supply chain. An innovative and new supply chain discipline has been developed by SMT Consulting which is known as Demand and Labour Optimisation. Demand and Labour Optimisation is applicable to organisations that employ considerable number of people as key operatives in the system value delivery.

A wide range of businesses is covered by Demand and Labour Optimisation including sorting and distribution businesses, warehousing, financial services and laboratory environments.

Services for continuous improvement are also offered by SMT Consulting. A competitive matrix has been developed by SMT Consulting to measure progress and to guide through product, cost, throughput and strategy. Competitive matrix is an influential tool for operational and senior management. It helps an organisation to achieve better supply chain and business performance.

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