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VoIP lowers telecommunications costs

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RECENTLY, Pete Jeans of SMO- Strategic Marketing Outsourcing Pty Limited did a study on telecommunications costs to rationalise suppliers and streamline services.

What came out of it was the realisation that much of what is being talked about VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is accurate.

VoIP is the capability to use the internet to make phone calls at substantially lower costs. Strategic Marketing Outsourcing Pty ltd estimates it lowers its total telecommunications costs by at least 25%.

With decent broadband speeds and some low cost equipment, costs of calls to mobiles drop by over 60%; STD call costs to major capital cities drop by 90% and local calls only cost 10c (untimed). International calls have various cost structures but 4c a minute is commonly quoted.

A VoIP expert informed Mr. Jeans that a mobile VoIP handset that allows the user to fully access internet-based telephony will soon be available.

Mr. Jeans also rejects claims that market entry research costs are sunk. When businesses transform their futures, new markets are often key components of their actions today.

But there's a reluctance in Australia in b-to-b sectors to invest in any ongoing market research, let alone market entry work. Many organisations don't have the internal skills to understand and effectively manage an external research partner.

But this issue is not critical. It's a consideration but shouldn't be a barrier to action, says Mr. Jeans.

Market entry research costs are spent, not sunk. The value of any research is to reduce the risk, says Mr. Jeans, who adds that knowledge is leverageable with power and influence.

The scope of research costs usually depends on the industry sector’s structure, channels, route-to-market options, geography, customer segments and competitor community.

But a good Australia-wide discovery-based research job to turn up public domain info shouldn't cost more than A$50k, says Jeans. And, most of the info needed is already published in part somewhere.

Market entry research improves the probability of returns on capital, something commonly undertaken by Strategic Marketing Outsourcing Pty Ltd.

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