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The overall performance of your organisation

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article image SMO CEO Pete Jeans.

WITH the year end approaching, and most of us involved in strategic reviews, here's a few acid questions worth thinking through.

On a scale of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, is:

* profit growth this year better compared with the average of the last 3 years growth

* growth in new customers stronger compared to last year

* contract or tender win %'s better than last year

* the ratio of sales to employees increasing Vs last year

* the reduction in costs better than last year

* reduction in staff turnover better than last year

* the regular introduction of new products strong enough

* the introduction of innovative services on target

* customer satisfaction better than last year

* the quality of relationships with stakeholders better

* the company's agility to change improved

* the effectiveness of the promotional activities to generate leads on track

* the quality of marketing support materials adding value to customers

If your gut feel or evidence suggests the answers are unacceptable, I suggest you get the best possible help quickly...and feed it into your strategic review processes.

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* Pete Jeans is CEO of Strategic Marketing Outsourcing (SMO ).

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