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Strategic growth solutions and hands-on implementation

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COMPANIES are often extremely busy, with simultaneous major projects underway and some teams performing well whilst others need help, and resources are stretched. When deadlines, targets and deliverables must be met, it pays to enlist a mentor for the purposes of guiding teams and individuals who are struggling.

SMO- Strategic Marketing Outsourcing Pty Ltd is one company that uses mentors, citing their ability to produce all-round performance and professional outcomes on-time every time, something expected by boards and senior management.

A mentor acts as a trusted third party with an objective view and hands-on implementation experience, a second opinion when the issues and facts are clear but the options are ambiguous or not readily obvious.

Compared to employing an expensive senior manager with a roving role who may not be permanent, retaining a mentor can be very cost effective.

For a few thousand dollars a month, mentors can be pointed at specific projects. Their independence guarantees objectivity and a commercial focus on results.

Strategic Marketing Outsourcing has also noticed that more organisations are reviewing their branding and updating their logos, market imagery, straplines and promotional positioning statements.

It believes this is because Australia is at the mid-decade point of the business cycle with the upside to come. This is certainly true of the housing and building products sector, one of the major drivers of the Australian economy.

Updating positioning at this time makes good business sense, but good business process is essential to get it right relative to competitors' offerings.

If brands are a promise to buyers of the benefits and values of products and services, and the strength of a brand today and in the future is a building block for future net cashflow (free cash or net profit before interest and tax); then brand evaluation and strengthening techniques now are very worthwhile.

Strategic Marketing Outsourcing uses a simple brand wheel analysis process to get a good handle on where it is today and where it wants to develop its brand to become sustainably different and better in customers' minds.

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