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Options on budget cuts

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What are your options when budget cuts are imposed?

Plenty but it does depend to some extent on the circumstances.

Here is a few pointers

  • Spend only on activities that support your brand and generate measureable results
  • Postpone lower priority programmes to the next budget year
  • Outsource non-strategic functions at lower costs
  • Initiate monthly cashflow and accruals analyses to protect from nasty surprises
  • Re-negotiate supplier contracts re-align the staff complement to focus on key must do functions
  • Remix promotional spend to focus on higher response rate activities review sponsorships, donations and csr commitments investigate government grant possibilities for R&D and promotion
  • Re-negotiate alliance partners’  co-operative promotional programme terms
  • Develop freegoods programmes to leverage publicity to replace reduced media spend
  • Involve external agency team members to deliver more output lock-in or hedge cogs purchasing contracts 
  • Do nothing unless it saves money or makes money
  • Consider using lower cost interns from university graduate programmes for short-term projects
And importantly,  put up a proposal to senior management, which clearly identifies the liabilities surrounding the budget cuts and recommend  alternative plans.  

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