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NATURE's Organics has duplicated its SMI Pacifica in-line carton feeder system, boosting its capacity to cope with international orders.

Rather than rely on vacuum pumps and cups, the SMI system employs a low maintenance belt stripper to accurately remove each carton from the magazine.

Bowed boards are easily controlled by pressure fingers in the carton feeder. Within the carton packer, a positive chain-and-tooth conveyor then merges the cartons and bottles prior to sealing.

All functions occur in a smooth, non-stop flow. Only one attendant is needed to stock and supervise both the old and new machines, which are packing close to 200 bottles a minute.

Engineering manager Jim Legg said of the carton feed system, "it's just doing it quietly and efficiently. That's what we bought it for”.

The SMI packers are also used with equal reliability by Pepsi-Cola in Sydney and Perth and Orlando's RTD line in the Barossa.

Almost any size from single-serve to 1500 ml flagons can be quickly set up under PC control.

SMI’s range includes multi-packers, tray packers and PET bottle moulders, all based on inline technology.

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