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Safer stacking with zip-off shrinkwrap

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article image An SMI Zip-Off pack.

STORE managers, staff and customers will all benefit from a new Zip Off system for shrinkwrapped products, recently perfected in Europe by SMI.

Applicable to both shippers and consumer packs, the system accurately creates a zipper after shrinkwrapping with mono-directional film.

Because staff can open shelf-ready outers with fingertip ease, the supply chain will become a little more productive and quite a lot safer, according to Steve Warren, manager of SMI Pacifica .

"Our Zip-Off system has the potential to eliminate box-knives which are an OHS nightmare."

Shelf-ready outers may be straight shrink, tray-shrink or multi-packs in shrinkwrap. For consumer appeal, variations on the retail pack can be programmed in a wide variety of sizes. The system handles cans, glass and PET containers and may be retro-fitted to existing SMI shrinkwrapping machines.

Because all moving components are co-ordinated by computer, product changeovers can be done in minutes from the control screen, without the need for change parts.

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