SMENCO releases world’s first battery powered AccuPocket welder with VRD
05.02.2015 - SMENCO introduces the AccuPocket, the latest innovation from welding equipment manufacturer Fronius.
SMENCO releases upgraded high speed pipe joint welding system
23.01.2015 - SMENCO announces the availability of a new pipe purging system from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) in Australia.
SMENCO focuses on robotic welding systems
22.01.2015 - SMENCO recently conducted a demonstration of the latest in robotic welding systems at its Victorian head office.
SMENCO releases new 'comfort' version of its TIG welders
14.01.2015 - SMENCO announces the availability of a new ‘Comfort’ model in the Fronius MagicWave TIG welder family.
SMENCO releases compact TransSteel MIG/MAG inverter power sources
22.10.2014 - SMENCO introduces a new variant of the proven Fronius TransSteel series inverter power source delivering powerful performance in a compact design.
SMENCO sees increased uptake of MiCut CNC cutting trend
17.09.2014 - The MiCut CNC profile cutting machine has built a solid reputation in the industry for its precision cutting ability and high-quality technical features.
New TPSi MIG/MAG welding appliance platform launched
01.07.2014 - A new welding appliance platform from Fronius was recently introduced by SMENCO in Australia.
NanoSteel and EndoTec cored-hard facing wire does more with less
16.06.2014 - NanoSteel’s Super Hard Steel (SHS) and EndoTec cored wires for weld overlay applications are patented steel alloys.
SMENCO releases new mobile welding fume extractor
03.06.2014 - The new Kemper SmartMaster available in Australia from SMENCO is a new, compact and affordable mobile fume extraction unit.
SMENCO releases the world's first lithium ion rechargeable MMA welding system into Australia
05.05.2014 - Fronius, distributed by SMENCO in Australia has launched the world’s first ever lithium battery powered MMA welding system.
New industrial exhausts designed to increase welding safety
21.02.2014 - SMENCO presents two new clean air products from Germany’s leading exhaust equipment manufacturer, Kemper.
Smenco now distributing Castolin Eutectic's new welding system with automated and manual processes
13.11.2013 - Castolin Eutectic introduces the EuTronic GAP 2501DC PTA welding system for precision and high deposit quality.
NMW 2013: CNC Profile Cutters and Weld Monitoring Cameras from SMENCO [VIDEO]
30.07.2013 - Live from National Manufacturing Week 2013 talks with SMENCO about the MiCut CNC profile cutter and the MeltView 100 inspection camera.
Smenco expands its handheld plasma cutters partnership with Hypertherm
05.07.2013 - Australia’s leading distributor of welding equipment SMENCO is expanding its existing partnership with US company Hypertherm.
Castolin Eutectic develops new hardbanding products to meet tough drilling challenges
14.06.2013 - Castolin Eutectic has developed a new and innovative range of hardbanding products for the oil and gas industry to greatly increase drilling production with less wear on the d
New Aussie-made MiCut CNC profile cutters available from SMENCO
06.05.2013 - SMENCO offers a new range of CNC profile cutters designed and built in Australiaby a small Melbourne metal manufacturer.
Fronius free welding torch or software offer
12.04.2013 - Fronius has launched a new offer for its customers as part of a special promotion for the Fronius Digital TransPuls Synergic (TPS) manual welding system.
MeltView welding cameras available from SMENCOsignal the end of welding flash
21.03.2013 - MeltView welding cameras,now available in Australia through SMENCO deliver safety and work efficiency during welding processes.
SMENCO welding systems breathe new life into older welding robots
25.01.2013 - SMENCO is supplying Fronius robotic welding systems to be fitted into older welding robots to extend their working life. SMENCO is the Australian distributor for Fronius.
Castolin Eutectic’s SuperJet-S-Eutalloy delivery system for powder alloys and protective coatings
28.11.2012 - Castolin Eutectic offers a range of protective coatings and powder alloys that give a new lease of life to wearing industrial machine parts.
SteelTailor’s latest cantilever and gantry CNC cutting machines available from SMENCO
28.08.2012 - SteelTailor, distributed in Australia by SMENCO is a world-leading brand of professional portable CNC machines.
New pipe purging systems come in small sizes from Huntingdon Fusion
03.07.2012 - Huntingdon Fusion introduces the new 5th generation PurgElite tandem dam based tube and pipe weld purging systems for 25mm-300mm pipework.
K-BUG weave welders and fillet welders from BUG-O
28.06.2012 - BUG-O, a world-leading manufacturer of automated cutting and welding systems introduces all position weave welders featuring oscillation for welding in all positions.
CastoTubes from Castolin Eutectic deliver high wear resistance for demanding applications
11.05.2012 - A world leader in wear and fusion technologies, Castolin Eutectic developed CastoTube and CDP WearPlate to meet the needs of demanding applications in various industries.
Bohler’s cellulosic electrodes offer efficiency gains in pipeline welding
15.03.2012 - Bohler Welding offers a range of cellulosic electrodes for vertical down welding of high strength large diameter pipelines that are more economical compared with conventional vertical up welding.
TP125VRD-10 Mine- Spec Safety Welding from Fronius and SMENCO
10.02.2012 - Fronius and SMENCO have released there latest Mine-Spec machine that have several new and innovative features and now only weigh 4.7kg.
Bore repair systems available from SMENCO
20.10.2011 - One of Australia’s leading distributors of welding equipment, consumables and associated welding technology, SMENCO presents the BOA Series of bore repair systems for restoring worn bores on all types
Fronius MIG/MAG push-pull welding torches available from SMENCO feature PT-Drive
12.10.2011 - Available through SMENCO, the digital MIG/MAG welding systems from Fronius feature the powerful PT-Drive planetary drive.
DWT Pipe Preparation and Pipe Cutting Equipment from SMENCO
29.08.2011 - SMENCO extends their range of welding equipment and welding technologies with the national distribution of DWT pipe preparation and pipe cutting equipment.
SMENCO to distribute Bohler welding consumables for pipelines
04.08.2011 - Leading Australian distributor of welding equipment and technology, SMENCO has been appointed national distributor of Bohler welding consumables designed for pipeline construction.
TIG weld cleaners from SMENCO
12.07.2011 - The MagicCleaner, available from SMENCO is a range of TIG weld cleaners designed to electrochemically clean TIG weld seams cleanly, safely and quickly.
Kemper Fume Extraction Equipment and Air Purification Systems Keep Welding Safe
04.07.2011 - Leading German exhaust equipment manufacturer, Kemper supplies a range of fume extraction equipment and air purifications systems designed to keep welding workplaces free of toxic fumes and gases.
Fronius Virtual Welders available from SMENCO will appeal to GenY
30.06.2011 - Fronius, distributed in Australia by SMENCO has recently introduced a new virtual welding training simulator designed to train welding apprentices safely and cost-effectively.
Fronius Welding Machines Meet Welding Safety Requirements in Australian Mines
09.06.2011 - World-leading welding equipment manufacturer Fronius supplies a range of welding machines that are designed to meet the new safety requirements of Australian mines. .
Fronius Inverter Power Sources for Steel Welding available from SMENCO
01.12.2010 - Global welding company Fronius has recently launched completely digitised, microprocessor-controlled TransSteel 3500 and TransSteel 5000 inverter power sources.
Fronius MMA Welders available from SMENCO for Mine Welding Safety
12.11.2010 - Fronius TP125-10 VRD welders available from SMENCO are lightweight and compact MMA welders designed to ensure superior mine welding safety in Australian mines and other hazardous enclosed spaces.
Fronius TPS 2700 Series Welding Machines from SMENCO
11.11.2010 - The TransPuls Synergic 2700 or TPS 2700 Series welding machines available from SMENCO combine digital quality with convenient portability.
Fronius Virtual Welding Training Simulators from Smenco
08.09.2010 - Fronius welding equipment is distributed in Australia by Smenco.
Innovative Technology launched by Smenco at National Manufacturing Week 2010
23.02.2010 - Smenco will officially launch Fronius’ revolutionary Virtual Welding training unit, its TransSteel steel transfer solution and a mobile Cold Metal Transfer unit that can be used for robotic or manual operation.
Fronius products to be showcased at NMW 2007
18.04.2007 - The new Fronius Transcut 300 plasma cutter and Fronius CMT welder will be showcased by Smenco on Stand 4616 during National Manufacturing Week 2007 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, from May 22 to 25.
Digital TIME welding process
25.01.2005 - THE digital TIME process opens up even greater potentials for increased productivity with a 30% higher deposition rate when welding thick steel plates. The basis for this comparison is the TIME high-performance welding process that has been around si
Digital robot welding system pays off
16.12.2004 - REFORM-Werke Bauer has been using the Fronius TransPuls Synergic (TPS) 4000 system for robot welding since 2003. The experience of this Austrian mechanical engineer illustrates that robot welding is profitable even with small batch sizes.
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