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SteelTailor’s latest cantilever and gantry CNC cutting machines available from SMENCO

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SteelTailor, distributed in Australia by SMENCO is a world-leading brand of professional portable CNC machines.
Driven by a mission to make CNC machines easy and affordable for customers, SteelTailor has unveiled three of its latest cantilever and gantry CNC cutting machines including the Power CNC flame or plasma profile cutter, Valiant professional CNC flame or plasma profile cutter, and Dragon professional gantry CNC plasma profile cutter.
Lightweight in design with simple to set-up machine cutting parameters, SteelTailor is a portable CNC cutter capable of machining both simple and complex shapes using oxy as well as plasma cutting heads. SteelTailor combines the capability of large-size profile CNC cutting machines with the flexibility and portability of handheld oxy or plasma cutters.
SteelTailor Power CNC flame or plasma profile cutters
  • 1.2 x 2.5m or 1.5 x 3m extendable
  • 32M memory supports Nesting software
  • Allows operators to download nested drawings into controller
  • Drawings done in CAD saved to DXF file format and imported into software for multiple shape cutting
  • 20+ common shapes library for download
  • Break point and power cut-out feature
  • Kerf compensation feature
  • Load drawings via USB
  • AVC torch  height controller
  • Easy to use arc voltage control 
  • Optimum cut quality by maintaining correct tip to work distance
SteelTailor Valiant 2.0 Series portable CNC cutting machines
  • 1.8 x 3m or 1.8 x 4.5m, 5.5m up to 15m
  • Spring-loaded drive motor system upgraded to ensure optimised structure for cantilever type portable machines
  • Redesigned for longer lifetime, better precision and stability, easier installation and smoother motion
  • Can be assembled and disassembled easily and simply
  • Positioning precision is unified in the effective cutting range due to the removal of the spring
  • More accurate and precise dimension of the cut-work
  • Supplied with high quality Hypertherm plasma cutting units
SteelTailor Dragon gantry CNC cutting machines
  • Cutting width of 2.5m with length extendable as required
  • Allows operators to self-install using instructions and demo video to save cost of installation and adjustment
  • Portable gantry with dual drive and increased stability
SMENCO is one of Australia’s leading distributors of welding equipment, consumables and associated welding technology from around the world.

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