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SMENCO releases the world's first lithium ion rechargeable MMA welding system into Australia

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article image Fronius AccuPocket MMA

Fronius, distributed by SMENCO in Australia has launched the world’s first ever lithium battery powered MMA welding system.

Featuring a high-performing lithium-ion rechargeable battery and low overall weight, AccuPocket MMA welders tap the concentrated power of lithium-ion technology for use in welding equipment for the first time. This revolutionary technology delivers unprecedented freedom of movement to users in manual electrode and TIG welding jobs.

AccuPocket is a mobile welder that addresses problems associated with conventional welding equipment especially when used in remote areas, field jobs and exposed locations, which can involve costly and time-consuming preparation. The battery operated mobile welders eliminate the need for long mains supply leads, heavy 8 kVA generators, or even any access to mains power in the vicinity.

Welding jobs needing up to six 3.25mm electrodes or up to 18 x 2.5 mm electrodes can be welded autonomously. For more substantial welding applications, a small, compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient to provide unlimited welding power or reduction in arc quality.

Thanks to AccuBoost technology, AccuPocket welds extremely reliably and utilises its built-in power reserve to achieve perfect ignition and welding properties. Features such as small dimensions, low weight and rugged build combine to make AccuPocket the perfect companion at any field worksite.

Key features of the AccuPocket MMA mobile welders include a completely redesigned external profile to meet the harsh demands of everyday welding; intelligent combination of metal and plastic for portability, robustness and technology; integral high-performance rechargeable battery momentarily delivering high level short-circuiting currents during welding, reliably minimising electrode-sticking with AccuBoost; and latest generation LiFePO4 batteries small, light yet extremely powerful, and compliant with stringent safety standards. The batteries offer high intrinsic safety, no memory effect, long lifespan, and low self-discharge.

Safety features include voltage monitoring of all battery cells; cell balancing during charging; charge monitoring; short-circuit-proof; protection against overcharging; and protection against exhaustive discharge and overheating.

The BMS Board – Battery Management System includes monitoring all cells for uniform charging and discharging, ensuring all battery cells have uniform voltage and temperature; and safety cut-out.

The permanently mounted battery-pack is highly robust for mobile use; has a fixed, solid mounting for perfect transmission of high welding currents, and no exposed battery-connections. The battery pack is based on optimum cooling concept with additional fans for extra-along lifespan. It is also easy to service.

AccuPocket has won two international awards for its new design, the prestigious Red Dot and Plus X Award.

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