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New pipe purging systems come in small sizes from Huntingdon Fusion

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article image Argweld PurgElite pipe weld purging systems save time and money
Huntingdon Fusion introduces the new 5th generation PurgElite tandem dam based tube and pipe weld purging systems for 25mm-300mm pipework.
Backed by more than 35 years of manufacturing expertise in the field of tube and pipe purging dams, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques’ latest release will help tube and pipe welders save time, money and gas while achieving better welds.
Part of the Argweld range, the purging systems are aimed at low cost, high quality butt welding of tubes to tubes or fittings and pipes to pipes and fittings from small to large sizes. The new design delivers a technically superior product at reduced prices by keeping the volume to purge small, resulting in significant savings in both time and inert gas cost.
Argweld PurgElite inflatable tube and pipe weld purging systems feature two heavily protected inflatable dams connected by a new inert gas purging tube. The inert gas purges air as well as other unwanted gases and vapours out of the space between the dams, with the inert gas coming through a unique, low cost, simple and trouble-free valve.
The absence of exposed metal parts in the pipe purging systems makes them ideal for use in the food, semiconductor, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Standard sizes of Argweld PurgElite inflatable tube and pipe weld purge systems are available for immediate delivery. Companies needing to weld purge larger diameter pipes can obtain the Argweld Quick Purge systems that can be used for pipe diameters from 200mm to 2000mm.

The PurgEye100 weld purge monitor is also available to measure the oxygen content once the perfect weld purge environment is achieved to ensure conditions are safe to start welding.

Key features of Argweld PurgElite inflatable tube and pipe weld purging systems:

  • Simplified process of inert gas purging allows quick installation
  • Innovative purge gas feed device
  • No complicated valve to set
  • Inflation of dams and inert gas purging with one line
  • No risk of inflatable dams bursting
  • No scratching of internally polished surfaces
  • Suits all grades of stainless and duplex steel, polished interiors, exotic metals and alloys
  • Centrepiece Glow Positioning Indicator
  • Short purging time saves time and money
  • No restrictions in elbows or bends in pipework
  • Payback in less than one weld
SMENCO , one of Australia’s leading distributors of welding equipment and welding technology is the national distributor for Huntingdon Fusion.

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