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Kemper Fume Extraction Equipment and Air Purification Systems Keep Welding Safe

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Leading German exhaust equipment manufacturer, Kemper supplies a range of fume extraction equipment and air purifications systems designed to keep welding workplaces free of toxic fumes and gases.  

Welding is a dangerous business at any time but the hidden danger is in the toxic fumes created during the welding process that can cause potentially life threatening diseases if the polluted gases are not treated appropriately in the workplace.  

Welding fumes are toxic metal fumes produced during welding and contain several contaminants. Gases produced during welding include Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Nitrogen Oxide and Ozone.  

Additionally, fumes containing Fluorides, Nickel, Chromium, Copper, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Zinc Oxide, Aluminium, Cadmium Oxides, Iron Oxide and Manganese are also created.  

Health implications from the inhalation of these gases and fumes include coughing, shortness of breath, fluid in the lungs, inflammation of the lungs, irritation of eyes, nose and chest, loss of appetite, bronchitis, nausea and vomiting in the short term.  

Long term consequences include lung cancer, cancer of the larynx, Parkinson’s disease, hearing loss, chronic lung problems including emphysema, kidney damage, heart disease, stomach ulcers and infertility.  

Safe welding conditions in Australia are governed by State and Federal legislations in addition to OH&S and EPA requirements for regulating clean air, welding rooms and fume extraction.  

According to the German company Kemper, local fume extraction is by far the most effective method to contain welding fumes. Hazardous substances are captured at the source before they reach the welder’s breathing zone.  

Kemper specialises in systematic air purification systems for installation at welding workplaces.  

Their extensive range of fume extraction equipment and air purifications systems also provide protection against UV/IR radiation, heat, sparks and weld splatter benefitting the operator, the machinery and the environment.  

Kemper curtain systems, sound insulating partitioning wall systems and fume extraction equipment provide the necessary and required protection for the welder.  

Kemper also supplies a mobile mechanical filter call the Filter-Master, which is designed and ideally suited for use at various welding workplaces and conditions. Featuring a rigid sheet metal construction with anti-corrosive powder-coat finish, the Filter-Master is designed for everyday use.  

Four heavy-duty rubber castors allow ease of movement within the factory and the extraction arm can be swivelled 360 degrees allowing the operator to easily direct the arm into any desired position for efficient fume extraction.  

The contaminated air captured by the extraction hood is separated from rough particles by a pre-filter and the pre-filtered air is directed through the subsequent main filter with a filter efficiency of more than 99.9%.  

Kemper fume extraction equipment and air purification systems are distributed in Australia by SMENCO Pty Ltd.

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