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K-BUG weave welders and fillet welders from BUG-O

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article image K-BUG 3000 fillet welder
BUG-O, a world-leading manufacturer of automated cutting and welding systems introduces a new line of all position weave welders featuring oscillation for welding in all positions.
The K-BUG 5000 is a compact, digital all position weave welder that comes complete with a track guided travel carriage to increase welding production, improve weld quality and reduce operator fatigue.

Offering five weave patterns at the touch of a button, K-BUG 5000 weave welders mount to BUG-O’s aluminium rigid rail and attaches to work surfaces via magnets or vacuum system in any position. The K-BUG 5000 performs continuous welding at a constant travel speed producing high quality uniform welds in a fraction of the time required for manual welding.

Key features of K-BUG 5000 weave welders: 
  • High torque, low inertia motor for precise stops and starts
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, weighs just 7.7kg
  • Aluminium rigid rail with rack and pinion drive ensures precise path and consistent speeds
  • Precision drive motor prevents unit from moving when power is off
  • Closed loop speed and position control
  • High speed motor for pendulum weaving
  • Programmable puddle control and crater fill
  • Independent control of pendulum weaving right and left dwell times
  • Drive unit motor overload protection
  • Storage of welding parameters after power is turned off
  • Carriage travel and arc start in one switch
  • Crater fill in the beginning of the weld
  • Weld contactor ON/OFF switch
  • Regulated travel speed eliminates excessive weld deposition and reduces defects
  • Precise weld weaving with programmable dwells improves weld penetration and control undercut
  • All tractor and welding functions can be controlled on the tractor's panel or remotely via wireless remote control

K-BUG 3000 for welding fillet joints

The BUG-O range of welding products also includes the K-BUG 3000, a compact and digital heavy duty fillet welder with oscillation designed for welding fillet joints. The K-BUG 3000 has a lightweight, portable travel carriage utilising powerful magnets, guide wheel clamps and tracks directly to the workpiece for welding in all positions.

Key features of K-BUG 3000 fillet welders:
  • Programmable control of weave parameters such as tractor speed, weave speed and weave width
  • Independent settings for left/right dwell
  • Weld control features for puddle control and crater fill
  • State-of-the-art digital technology ensures accuracy
  • Digital LED display of all parameters
  • Permanent magnet for powerful traction
  • Closed loop speed and position control
  • Spatter guard on work-side wheels
  • Drive wheels are rated 204ºC
  • Available in two voltages: 120VAC and 240VAC
  • Limit switches provide automatic travel/ weld stop
BUG-O is a manufacturer of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other handheld tools.

BUG-O is distributed throughout Australia by SMENCO , one of Australia’s leading distributors of welding equipment, consumables and associated welding technology from around the world.

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