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Innovative Technology launched by Smenco at National Manufacturing Week 2010

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Smenco , sole Australian distributor of Fronius welding technologies, has brought three new, significant developments to 2010’s National Manufacturing Week (NMW). Over the four-day event, SMENCO will launch Fronius’ revolutionary Virtual Welding training unit, its TransSteel steel transfer solution and a mobile Cold Metal Transfer unit that can be used for robotic or manual operation.  

Smenco’s National Sales & Marketing Manager, Dave Smith describes the three new units as important advances in their industry sectors. “For more than 60 years, Fronius has been known for an absolute commitment to innovation in welding technologies. This commitment is fully evident in these three new products: each of which sets a new benchmark for its industry application – and all of which will be on show to the Australian market, for the first time, at NMW,” Smith says.  

Virtual Welding Unit  

Fronius has developed its first Virtual Welding unit to help training welders develop their skills quickly and safely. The portable unit includes a screen, PC, helmet and simulated torch, with magnetic tracking that converts hand movements into a virtual world, and sensors that enable trainees to gain the required ‘feel’ for voltage and amperage. Operators can hear typical welding noises in real-time as the unit simulates different processing conditions.  

The Virtual Welding unit is compact and portable and as such, can be taken on-site as well as networked to extend the ‘training room’ to anywhere in the web-enabled world.   

Benefits and advantages of the Fronius’ Virtual Welding unit include:  

  • Real world, real-time training in a virtual environment – real time feedback helps trainees to get the psychomotor skills of a professional welder in a safe, digital environment;
  • More effective training – as advisors can instruct trainees on technique in a safe environment
  • The unit reduces the consumption of material resources during training by 25%
  • Rapid training - trainees typically deliver useable welds after two training/simulation courses of 60 hours.  

TransSteel 3500 and TransSteel 5000 Steel Transfer Solutions

Industrial steel fabrication (pipeline, crane, container, shipping and rolling stock production) places heavy demands on both manpower and machinery. Fronius has developed the new rugged and reliable 26.5kg TransSteel 3500 and the 30.15kg TransSteel 5000 for these purposes. They feature;  

  • Functional and compact design
  • Ease of operation and reduced error rates - an “Easy-Job” intuitive menu system on the removable wire-feed unit’s control panel helps the user select functions at the touch of a button; and easily set-and saved welding parameters help deliver consistent welding results, even when process fluctuations occur
  • An innovative wire-feed unit - with its own control panel, that enables constant, reliable feed of the filler material at the joint
  • An ignition control system that prevents the formation of drops at start-up
  • Ergonomic torch that is easily changed using a lever
  • The innovative Fronius System Connector (FSC) with reliable current transfer and one central connector for all media  

Cold Metal Transfer  

Fronius has for the first time extended Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) to a system that works in either manual or automated operations. It enables MIG/MAG welding and brazing for ultra-light gauge sheets from 0.3mm, as well as enabling joining of dissimilar sheets, such as joining steel or galvanised iron to aluminium. It’s also suitable for applications that have to meet stringent requirements for weld-seam appearance. CMT delivers:  

  • Reduced thermal input - enables thin gauge joining, as well as welding dissimilar metals (such as steel to aluminium joins that are used in automotive manufacture)  while delivering environmental benefits such as lower emissions of pollutants
  • Stable arc - in CMT, the arc length is acquired and adjusted mechanically, which means the arc remains stable, regardless of speed or surface. Which means the CMT process can we used anywhere, in any position
  • Controlled short circuiting for spatter free metal transfer
  • Digitally controlled wire motion which assists droplet detachment.  

All three new innovations from Smenco will be officially launched at NMW 2010.

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