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Fronius Virtual Welders available from SMENCO will appeal to GenY

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article image Virtual welding allows the apprentice to learn the manual skills needed in a safe and fun-filled environment

Fronius, distributed in Australia by SMENCO has recently introduced a new virtual welding training simulator designed to train welding apprentices safely and cost-effectively. Fronius is a world-leading manufacturer of welding equipment and technology.  

Fronius believes that the new virtual welders will appeal to GenY welding apprentices raised on a diet of computer games, who will have no trouble in adapting to learning manual skills on the training simulator.  

The arc and weld seam with all the right sound effects in the new Fronius virtual welders are virtual creations but are a much safer alternative than having a new apprentice face a 2000ºC live arc for the first time.  

According to manufacturer Fronius, virtual welding reduces the material-intensive sessions needed when training welders on real welding equipment, resulting in an estimated 25% savings in time, space, materials, gas, filler material and energy.  

Key features and advantages of Fronius virtual welders: 

  • More cost-effective way of teaching welding and safer alternative to traditional methods
  • Eco-friendly process with less waste and reduced emissions
  • Caters to all levels of welding experience starting at beginner level
  • Records the trainee’s weld and replays it by displaying a ‘ghost’ of the correct torch position to assist learning
  • Score provided for accuracy of the weld performed with top scores displayed
  • Sensors in the torch, workpiece and helmet keep track of the torch and trainee’s head position, detecting even the slightest hand movements
  • Virtual weld is displayed on the 3D glasses in the trainee’s helmet as well as the unit’s touchscreen display and can even be projected onto a large screen or LCD monitor
  • Simulator comes as a stand-up terminal or a portable mobile case for easy transportation to the training location

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