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Fronius MMA Welders available from SMENCO for Mine Welding Safety

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article image Fronius TP125-10 VRD leads the way in safe welding in Australian mines

Fronius TP125-10 VRD welders available from SMENCO are lightweight and compact MMA welders designed to ensure superior mine welding safety in Australian mines and other hazardous enclosed spaces.  

Weighing in at just 4.7kg, the Fronius TP125-10 VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) MMA welders have been designed to address OH&S safety requirements in mine welding applications.  

Australia has some of the toughest standards for mine welding safety in the world.  

Australian standards demand a maximum of 35V open circuit voltage at the electrode when an MMA VRD machine is not welding. The Fronius TP125-10 VRD has 12V, which is three times lower than the standard.  

When the welding circuit resistance is greater than 200 ohms (for example when touching the human body), open circuit voltage is limited to 12V. The VRD feature is active within 0.3 seconds after welding stops.  

The entire welding machine is double insulated with a durable, welding spark-resistant polycarbonate cover to offer superior safety practice to the welding operator.  

Fronius TP125-10 VRD mine welders have a 125 Amp DC output, 10 amp 240V supply as well as MMA and TIG inverters. Additionally, the welders are built with new-generation Resonance Intelligence Technology.  

The TP125-10 VRD also offers the fail to safe function wherein if the open circuit voltage exceeds 12V on start-up, the machine will simply not weld.  

These MMA welders also eliminate the need to hold down buttons for continuous welding that can otherwise cause fatigue.  

Other features of Fronius TP125-10 VRD welding machines:

  • Generator-compatible welders
  • IP23 rated for wet areas
  • Thermostatically controlled fan
  • CE and C-tick approved
  • Anti-stick electrode function

Dave Smith, Manager SMENCO, Australian distributors for Fronius welding equipment says that the company is proud to have met and exceeded the requirements for welding operations in Australian mines, making Fronius the welder of choice for the Australian mining industry.  

Fronius is a world leader in the field of welding technology, battery charging systems and solar electronics.

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