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Fronius MIG/MAG push-pull welding torches available from SMENCO feature PT-Drive

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Available through SMENCO , the digital MIG/MAG welding systems from Fronius feature the powerful PT-Drive planetary drive.  

The PT-Drive performance package is an intelligent product developed for the digital MIG/MAG welding systems from Fronius.  

The PT-Drive in Fronius’ MIG/MAG push-pull welding torches ensures precision wirefeeding for a perfect welding process, optimised to co-ordinate with the welding system while enabling good workpiece accessibility.    

Thanks to the planetary drive, the welding torches are also 600g lighter than conventional push-pull welding torches and ideal for soft wires such as aluminium or CuSi wires in addition to various filler metals.  

The performance of the MIG/MAG push-pull welding torches can be attributed to the small, powerful planetary drive, the PT-Drive that feeds the wire precisely, flawlessly and without damage.  

The drive rollers are arranged at right angles to one another on the planetary drive. Advantages include increasing the area of contact with the welding wire, which means the force can be transmitted more powerfully as well as protecting the surface of the wire better and straightening soft wires.  

A rotational oscillation exerted upon the wire moves the wire forwards and also drastically reduces the frictional resistance in the hosepack.  

Together, all these performance features result in even greater precision of wire-travel, and thus a stable welding process.  

Key features of Fronius MIG/MAG push-pull welding torches:  

  • Spatter-free welding start-up ensured by SFI (spatter-free ignition) 
  • Controllable heat input and visually perfect weld rippling thanks to SyncroPuls 
  • Precision wire guidance all the way into the contact tube prevents damage to the filler metal 
  • Forced contacting ensures dependable current transfer inside the contact tube 
  • Multilock system enables the torch to be used at all power levels 
  • Swivel-mounted torch handle for easy oscillating 
  • Separate water connector prevents coolant from getting into the gas channel and causing porosity in the weld metal    
Technical data:  
  • Wire diameters: 0.8mm – 1.6mm 
  • Wirefeed speeds: 0.5 – max. 22 m/min 
  • Hosepack lengths: Up to 10m (longer on request) 
  • Weight: 1.6kg

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