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Fronius Inverter Power Sources for Steel Welding available from SMENCO

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Global welding company Fronius has recently launched completely digitised, microprocessor-controlled TransSteel 3500 and TransSteel 5000 inverter power sources.  

Designed for use in harsh environments for steel welding applications, the new welding systems offer superior functionality, energy efficiency, mobility and reliability.  

Dave Smith, Manager SMENCO, Australian distributors for Fronius says that their MIG/MAG and MMA welding customers will soon see the benefits of features such as intuitively controlled functions, innovative wire-feed, ergonomically designed torch and a robust design.  

Describing these new portable steel welding systems as comprehensive ‘steel transfer technology’, Fronius says the innovative wire-fed lightweight, 350 and 500 amp systems are powerful as well as efficient, offering superior performance in harsh operating conditions either in the factory or onsite.  

Designed for welding professionals in mechanical and steel engineering, pipeline, crane, rolling stock and container construction, shipyards as well as various steel-processing industries, the new TransSteel weld systems deliver perfect weld properties when joining heavy steel components.   

Key features of TransSteel 3500 and TransSteel 5000 steel welding systems

  • Digital signal processor ensures the specified target status is maintained at all times even when process fluctuations occur
  • Precise, reliable process and totally reproducible weld every time
  • High quality joints between ‘classical’ components including galvanised steels
  • Remote control options for manual and robotic welding are available
  • Fronius System Connector (FSC) is suitable for both manual and robot applications
    • Highly reliable current transfer improves quality and reliability as well as provides additional flexibility and convenience
    • One central connector for all media eliminates the welder’s need for external control plugs
    • Ergonomically designed torch can be changed with a simple quick release lever 
  • Innovative portable wire-feed unit with its own control panel ensures a constant and reliable feed of the filler material at the joint 
  • Special ignition control prevents irritating formation of drops at start-up
  • Choice of three types of arc:
    • Steel root with a fine, soft and stable arc is suitable for the welding of root runs and filling wide gaps
    • Steel dynamic with an extremely hard, dynamic, stable spray arc allows the welder to penetrate deeply into sheets that are to be permanently joined
    • Standard arc

Fronius welding equipment is distributed in Australia by SMENCO .

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