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Castolin Eutectic’s SuperJet-S-Eutalloy delivery system for powder alloys and protective coatings

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Castolin Eutectic offers a range of protective coatings and powder alloys that give a new lease of life to wearing industrial machine parts.
A pioneer in wear and fusion technologies for preventative maintenance and repair applications, Castolin Eutectic’s product range includes the Eutalloy manual metal spray powder delivery system that applies protective surface engineered coatings on industrial machine parts to increase their service life performance.
Castolin Eutectic’s handheld spray-fuse SuperJet-S-Eutalloy powder delivery system can be used to spray, fuse and metallurgically bond a wide range of industry-proven Eutalloy self-fluxing powder alloys and various atomised powder alloy formulations.
A multipurpose powder delivery system, SuperJet-S-Eutalloy can be easily adapted for surface engineering coatings to protect or repair flat metallic surfaces, fine precision edges or rotating cylindrical parts.
The latest range of SuperJet-S-Eutalloy features many re-engineered improvements including finer deposit control, prolonged service life and a reduction in fused powder overspray as well as superior performance, power and precision. The system delivers more powder on the job in less time.
Key features of SuperJet-S-Eutalloy powder delivery system:

  • Fast manual assembly of the torch with easily rotated tip assembly for positional spraying work
  • Complete range of integrated tip assemblies, each with its own injector and mixing chamber to ensure optimum powder alloy feeding at different flame settings
  • Internal power channel and nozzle designed for maximum wear resistance, service life and reliability
  • All torch components readily accessible for dismantling, cleaning and service maintenance
  • Quick action, gas shut-off trigger for instant re-ignition of original flame settings without gas valve adjustments
  • Ergonomic torch design for handling ease, lightness, balance and adjustable heat shield
  • Basic kit includes a carry case/storage case containing accessories for rapid and easy assembly
  • Kit can be supplied with an appropriate choice of tip assemblies and Eutalloy powder alloys
Castolin Eutectic products are distributed in Australia by SMENCO .

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