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CastoTubes from Castolin Eutectic deliver high wear resistance for demanding applications

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A world leader in wear and fusion technologies, Castolin Eutectic developed CastoTube and CDP WearPlate to meet the needs of demanding applications in various industries.  

These tough, wear-resistant composite materials consist of an easy-to-weld base steel plate or tube overlaid with abrasion and erosion resistant alloys utilising processes such as arc welding, metal atomisation or plasma powder coating.  

The CDP and CastoTube production units use the latest robotised manufacturing technologies and vacuum fusion techniques to ensure a high degree of process stability, regularity of anti-wear characteristics and surface finish.  

CastoTubes are installed in extremely demanding applications in cement and concrete plants, mines and quarries, sand and gravel pits, shredders and recycling plants, iron and steel mills, cement and ready-mix concrete plants, brickworks, foundries and coking plants as well as incineration plants and electric power stations.  

CastoTubes developed for the mining industry consist of a mild steel tube internally wear-faced using TeroMatec 4666 alloy with the applied internal coating thicknesses being typically 3-4.5mm. The TeroMatec 4666 wear-facing alloy can resist abrasion and erosion at temperatures up to 500ºC, providing the exceptional wear resistance of the well-known 4666 CastoDur diamond plates.  

The standard CastoTube range comes with a minimum internal diameter of 82mm and a maximum length of 3m. CastoTubes can be installed with standard flanges to allow quick and easy replacement of worn-out tubes. Virtually any inner diameter from 82mm to 282mm can be produced by applying a different wear-facing thickness inside the standard base tube.  

Key advantages of CastoTube:

  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Extremely effective solution for plant productivity
  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy to replace and join
  • Absence of harmful linear weld joints, can operate at high pressures
  • Small diameters available
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