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World’s tallest building a challenge - even at only 7m

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Article courtesy of FEN

WITH filmmakers flocking to New Zealand to make their masterpieces, a host of local companies in related industries are booming.

A specialist model maker for film and television projects, Human Dynamo Model Making, recently completed a moving model of the world’s tallest building “The Burj” in Dubai for a marketing campaign.

Rob Uivel of Human Dynamo was asked to build a 1:180 scale, pneumatically automated model of The Burj in Dubai, a development that will incorporate the world’s tallest building.

“The major challenge of the project was that each part of the model – representing an individual part of the building – had to appear to ‘grow’ out of the ground until all eight building parts stood flush with one another,” Uivel said.

“While this may sound straight forward from an automation perspective, it was more difficult than we anticipated as the landscape prior to the buildings sprouting, was desert – which we replicated with sand laid over a plastic groundsheet.”

With the platform holding the sand, the scaffold work and the buildings themselves, the overall height of the project was over 7m tall.

The model is built from wood and plastic on an aluminium base under which the air rams are hidden. When required, the pneumatic system pushes the eight building structures so they appear to rise from the ground.

The valves and switches used in the model were supplied by

SMC Pneumatics.“Rob had very different requirements to most of our clients who generally want their equipment to run forever, so it was interesting for SMC to be involved in a project with such limited and specific performance expectations,” SMC’s North Island manager, Laurie Hamilton, said.

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