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Pressure switches with extended fluid compatibility

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article image SMC Pneumatics’ ZSE/ISE 50/60 pressure switches.

THE Series ZSE/ISE high accuracy digital pressure switches from SMC Pneumatics has been upgraded for improved resolution and accuracy and extended fluid compatibility.

These specialised, compact switches, coded ZSE 50 and 60 for vacuum pressure and ISE 50 and 60 for positive pressure, are now compatible with hydraulic, silicon and lubricating oils, carbon dioxide, argon, ammonia, Freon, fluorocarbon, nitrogen and wet air.

The use of a stainless steel diaphragm (SUS630 and SUS304) prevents direct contact between the sensor and the measured liquid. Electro-beam welded fittings ensure extremely low leakage levels.

Special metal gasket seal fittings are used on the ZSE 60F and ISE 60 models to provide suitability for semiconductor production. The enclosure is dust and rust proof rated at IP65.

Typical applications include confirmation of adsorption of work pieces containing moisture or confirmation of the primary pressure of a cleaning line.

High-speed response times of 2.5ms or less are complemented by an ‘anti-chattering’ function, allowing the response time to be varied up to 768ms according to the circuit in which it is used.

This prevents momentary pressure variations (caused by large bore cylinders or vacuum ejectors) from being detected as abnormal.

Additionally, an 'auto shift' function enables the set values being monitored to move according to fluctuations that occur due to varying compressed air demand over the working day.

Automatic pressure setting is also possible to save time within the set-up operation.

The 3-1/2 digit LED display provides excellent visual accuracy to display current pressure, current mode and error mode. For mounting flexibility there is a choice of bracket or panel options.

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