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Pressure isolation and release valves, blow guns with air nozzles and soft start-up valves

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SMC Pneumatics has released a range of pneumatic equipment designed to raise OH&S awareness in the workplace. Focused on the safe operation and control of compressed air, the range includes pressure isolation and release valves, blow guns with air nozzles and soft start-up valves.

The VHS pressure isolation and release valve is designed for isolating main air supply lines in almost any compressed air application. In a simply designed package, the valve offers clear status indication, distinctive colouring, Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the USA labelling, and provision for the use of a padlock. This guarantees a closed position is maintained during cleaning and maintenance procedures where inadvertent opening of the valve could pose an OH&S hazard.

The valve is available in four sizes with six port sizes from 3.175mm to 25.4mm, depending on the model selected. Other features include high exhaust capability and high flow range.

SMC has also released the plastic-bodied VMG series blow gun. The lightweight gun fits comfortably in the hand and is ideal for cleaning swarf, dirt, debris and other foreign matter from equipment and products in manufacturing and tooling applications. In areas where hot machinery or components may pose OH&S risks, the gun can also be used to cool most surfaces.

To minimise operator strain, the trigger force remains constant at low and full pressure, providing air through a range of compatible, energy-efficient KN nozzles including standard high-force, low-noise, pivoting, one-touch, high flow and the directional extension nozzles.

The AV5000 soft start-up valve provides a gradual increase in supply pressure during start-up. It also rapidly exhausts system air when the supply air is shut off. It removes downstream air pressure from a system, removing the likelihood of unforeseen cylinder operation - and consequent injury - while work is carried out. The soft start feature prevents actuators from operating in a pre-exhausted condition. They are not able to either extend or retract with excessive speed or force until the system reaches operation pressure on restart. It can provide a high flow rate while consuming minimal electrical power.

It is available in port sizes of 19.05mm and 25.4mm and offers three manual override options. It also has surge voltage suppression and DIN terminal connection with LED indication. The unit's modular design enables easy attachment to SMC's AC series of FRL units.

SMC's AN silencers are available in standard, high noise reduction, compact and metal case models. They offer noise reduction levels of up to 40dB(A). They also offer low back pressure, flame-resistant material, uni-directional exhaust and mist and noise scattering prevention.

SMC has also released the AMC exhaust cleaner range, providing clean air and reduced noise in the workplace. They offer 35dB noise reduction and a 99.9% overall removal of oil mist, as well as maximum air flow of up to 10,000L/min depending on the model selected. AMC exhaust cleaners are suitable for working in temperatures of between 5°C and 60°C and are available in five male and three female thread models.

The bracket-mounted product features a drain cock exhaust as standard or it can be fitted with a drain piping system.

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