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No static, no dust ionisers

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article image The innovative IZS30 ioniser, complete with static electricity sensor.

SMC Pneumatics claims to have solved static elimination applications with the introduction of the IZS30 series Ioniser.

According to SMC, elimination of static electrical charges on products in many industrial processes will improve production, product quality and materials handling operations.

Static charges can result in dust and particle adhesion to surfaces and friction between surfaces resulting in sparks generated by statically charged objects.

As industry continually demands ways and methods of saving energy in the operation of their production facilities, energy saving is a main feature of the IZS30.

Generation of ions and use of an air curtain dispersing the ions over the product are automatically turned off when static charge is not detected, resulting in reduced energy usage and cost savings to the customer.

Current applications for the IZS30 include eliminating static electricity from PET bottles in materials handling, which prevents dust adhesion; reduced friction during conveying and handling and reduced dust adhesion to the product for glass substrate packaging applications.

The IZS30 Ioniser can be used in conjunction with an optional external work piece sensor that enables rapid discharge of static from the product that is being de-ionised.

A recent test using this method achieved a discharge time of 0.3 seconds with static build-up significantly decreased from 3000V to 300V.

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