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article image SMC’s FN1 filter for machining fluids

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SMC Pneumatics has released the FN1 filter, designed for machine tool and general machinery industries.

The FN1 generates no industrial waste, because there are no replaceable filter elements. This saves users the cost of filter elements and maintenance. It also helps companies to be environmentally friendly enough to meet the ISO 14001 standard.

The element of the FN1 is constructed of a series of grooved filter plates and wave washers placed one above the other and compressed by a compact cylinder on the top of the filter. When the element is compressed, foreign matter in the fluid is trapped between the plates and washers. Decompressing the element allow the foreign matter to be back flushed and washed away for collection. This eliminates the need for element replacement and provides a low maintenance operating regime. Recompression allows the resumption of normal operation.

The filtration and back flushing cycle can be carried out manually or automatically. The control circuit for the cycle operation can be built using a totally pneumatic or electro-pneumatic circuit, for which SMC provides the required pneumatic components. In automatic operation a differential pressure switch indicates filter element clogging.

The FN1 operates with the FNR reservoir, which stores the fluid required for back flushing. It also interacts with the FND dust recovery filter for collecting the debris. All three units are primarily constructed of stainless steel SUS304 and form an integrated circuit for industrial waste removal.

The filter is compatible with water, water-soluble and oil based coolants, petroleum (oil, kerosene, and xylene) and ammonia hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, and alkalis. The seal material is available in nitrile rubber or fluoro rubber to suit the application.

The filter element is available in cylindrical and step types. The cylindrical type has a smooth peripheral surface, as the dimensions of the filter plate and wave washer are the same. The element is designed for filtering fluids that contain dust with same particle size, as it provides a larger filtration area and easier dust separation. The step type element has an uneven surface, since the dimensions of the filter plate are smaller than that of the wave washer. It is recommended for fluids containing dust particles with large variance in sizes.

Element lengths are either 250mm or 500mm with respective flow rates of 40 litres a minute and 80 litres a minute at 20-micron filtration. Compatible reservoirs have a tank capacity of either 1.1 litres or 1.8 litres. Maximum operating pressure of the filter is 1.0Mpa and maximum fluid temperature is 80ºC.

For larger flow rates SMC also offers a 200 litres a minute filter as a special. Standard filters can also be mounted in parallel.

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