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Hydraulic cylinder with adjustable auto switch

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article image Hydraulic cylinders now available from SMC Pneumatics.

SMC Pneumatics has launched a range of hydraulic cylinders in Australia.

The range, which has been available overseas for some time, includes a tie-rod, compact and dual rod cylinders with a range of options and capabilities.

The cylinders, designated 'CH', are designed to strict standards to work under high operating pressures, and are suitable for automotive applications.

One advantage of the new cylinders over similar competitor products currently available in Australia is that many models have an adjustable auto switch fitted. This enables sensing of mid-stroke as well as end positions.

Auto switches from SMC are the same as those used on SMC pneumatic cylinders. The auto switches are easy to fit and cost less than competitors' products.

Cylinders are available in a range of bore sizes from 20mm to 160mm, with stroke lengths of 25mm to 1500mm depending on the model selected. Ambient and fluid temperature range is from -10°C to 80°C on most models.

Many cylinders in the range include cushioning as standard while maintaining a purchase price competitive with non-cushioned products.

SMC's new hydraulic cylinders are suitable for application in many industries.

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