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article image SMC's new high capacity, compact pumps.

A NEW range of high capacity diaphragm pumps has been released by SMC Pneumatics .

Developed to perform the transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids, the new PA, PAX and PB series deliver high performance in a well-designed, compact unit.

The pumps' enlarged bore size and shortened stroke length extend life, providing a life span two to five times that of conventional pumps.

The self-priming units also contain no sliding parts in wetted areas which ensures high resistance to abrasion and low particle generation.

Various models are available in the range including those with internal automatically operated and external air operated switching; and built-in solenoid valve types.

Within these types, various models are available including a compact single acting pump as well as a built-in pulsation attenuator pump.

One new development of the range is the air operated type which, due to its control via an external switching valve, makes constant cycling possible.

It also enables easy control of the discharge and stable operation even with minimal flow rate, low pressure, or when gases are trapped in the system.

Applications requiring repeated, frequent stopping can be handled without incident and, as a switching valve is not contained inside the body, the expected lifespan of the pump is longer than for automatically operated types.

Models with a built in pulsation attenuator do not require separate piping and this inclusion prevents the spraying of discharge and foaming in the tank.

The PB1000 models, with built-in solenoid valves, easily fit in the palm of the hand, saving space through the centralising of all piping and wiring onto one side of the unit.

Applications for the versatile new pump ranges include the transfer of liquid by suction or pressure, and the stirring and atomisation of liquid across a variety of industrial situations.

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