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Heavy-duty stopping cylinder

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article image Any materials carried on a conveyor can be stopped softly and safely with SMC's new RS1H stopping cylinder.

SMC Pneumatics has added to its range of RSH heavy-duty stopping cylinders for conveyor applications with the release of the RS1H model.

The new model's adjustable shock absorber enables adjustment of the energy absorbed, ensuring any carried materials can be stopped softly and safely. The new model is also adjustable and has shock absorbers that can be easily replaced during maintenance, a feature unmatched by similar cylinders available.

Offering the same performance and operating range as existing RSH models, the new RS1H also has four roller lever positions available (adjustable by 90°) and comes in double acting, single acting with spring retraction, and double acting with spring retraction actuator types.

Able to achieve a maximum operating pressure of 1MPa in temperatures of -10°C to -60°C without freezing, the cylinder is available in bore sizes of 50mm, 63mm and 80mm with stroke lengths of 30mm to 40mm.

The stopping cylinder’s specifications make the product suitable for conveyor equipment manufacturers or anyone concerned with stopping items such as pallets on a conveyor line without having a strong impact on the items themselves.

Protection against airbourne particles and other contaminants is provided through the inclusion of two scrapers inside the cylinder, hence ensuring the lifespan of the shock absorber is not compromised.

Piping of the cylinder can be arranged from two directions, either on the flange or in the direction of the cylinder tube.

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