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Gating cylinders for conveyors

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article image SMC Pneumatics' new range of gating cylinders.

SMC Pneumatics has expanded its cylinder range with the introduction of its first line of gating cylinders (also known as escapements).

Designed to control product flow, separation and grouping on conveyors, the MIW and MIS series have been introduced to increase precision and reliability in packaging and filling operations - and to eliminate the need for the modified conventional cylinder systems used previously.

The MIW series products are fitted with two fingers, making them suitable for stopping single items on a conveyor. The single-fingered MIS products are installed in pairs to stop larger items or groups of items on a conveyor.

The two fingers on the MIW series are interlocked by a cam mechanism which ensures that one finger is fully extended before the other can retract. This arrangement prevents jamming, ensuring that disruptions to the production flow are minimised.

For applications requiring a greater separation distance, installing two one-fingered MIS escapements at the required distance offers similar functions and benefits as the MIW. However the MIS series offers a slighter longer stroke length than the MIW, making it suitable for separating larger products.

According to SMC, one of the main advantages of using the new escapements over modified conventional cylinders, is that they have been designed specifically to withstand the constant side and impact loads of conveyor applications.

A floating mechanism between the fingers and the cylinder prevents the load from being transferred from the fingers to the cylinder, resulting in a longer cylinder service life.

Both the MIS and MIW models have square fingers, eliminating the need for rotation prevention devices to be fitted as on conventional cylinders adapted for separation operations. Fingers can be easily and economically replaced when required.

SMC claims its new escapements are fast and easy to install, requiring only one plate to be mounted ready for use. SMC Pneumatics 02 9354 8222.

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