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Filter system eliminates element replacement

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article image Cutaway view of the regenerative FN1 filter.

SMC Pneumatics has introduced a patented eco-friendly regenerative filter that eliminates the need for element replacement, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The element of the FN1 Series filter is constructed of a series of grooved filter plates and wave washers.

When the element is compressed, any foreign matter is trapped between the plates and washers.

Decompressing the element allows the foreign matter to be back-flushed and washed away for collection eliminating the need for element replacement and providing a low-maintenance operating regime.

Recompressing continues normal operation.

The system circuit operates the automatic back-flushing of the filter via a measurement circuit stop signal and a differential signal switch indicating element clogging.

The FN1 series filter operates in tandem with the FNR reservoir and FND dust recovery filter. All three units are primarily constructed of stainless steel SUS304 and form an integrated circuit for industrial waste removal.

The filter is compatible with water (potable, industrial and distilled); water soluble and oil-based coolants; petroleum (gas, oil, kerosene and xylene); and ammonium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide alkalis.

Seal materials are available as either nitrile rubber or fluoro rubber to suit the application.

Elements are available in either cylindrical or step type construction. The cylindrical type has a smooth peripheral surface as the dimensions of the filter plate and wave washer are the same.

This element is suitable for filtering fluids that contain dust with the same particle size, as it provides a larger filtration area and easier dust separation.

The step type element is recommended for fluids containing dust particles with a large variety of sizes (especially soft and sticky foreign matter).

Element lengths are either 250mm or 500mm with respective flow rates of 40 litres a minute and 80 litres a minute. Compatible reservoirs have a tank capacity of either 1.1 litres or 1.8 litres.

Maximum operating pressure of the filters is 1MPa and maximum operating fluid temperature is 80°C. Auto switches can be positioned on the locking head for monitoring and feedback on compression status.

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