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Fast, efficient aluminium profile system

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article image The MiniTec system provides fast and cost-efficient assembly of custom projects.

SMC Pneumatics claims the MiniTec modular, structural framing system is the fastest and easiest-assembled T-slot construction system currently available.

The system is suitable for building custom projects as an alternative to welded steel frames.

Applications range from testing and inspection services to work benches, machine frames, single and multiple axis linear systems and complex automatic production lines.

The system consists of a number of structural extrusions and related accessories. Profiles have a typical modular dimension of 45mm.

The grooves of all profiles are uniform - 8.2mm ±0.2 - and the 5mm width of the groove flanks provide resistance against bending. All profiles are scratch resistant and corrosion protected by an anodised finish.

As the groove shape is identical for all construction profiles, every attachment or mechanism will fit throughout the range.

The MiniTec system comprises ten standard element or attachment groupings: fasteners; links and hinges; handles, locks and stops; feet, wheels and floor fastenings; fitting of panel elements; edge, cover and sealing profiles; elements for lifting and sliding doors; electrical installation; pneumatic connections and linear systems.

Central to the range of fastening elements is the patented MiniTec Powerlock Fastener that significantly reduces engineering and assembly time. The Powerlock is an extremely strong connection that provides accurate location of the profiles and is moveable after installation.

Hinges are external or internal and can be locked or installed for easy removal. Handles are available from ultra-small to heavy-duty modular versions and locks are available as door, cylinder, bolt or rod. Stops in the system are suited to linear guides and for standard and heavy doors.

A full range of feet, floor mountings and wheels are available within the system. Wheels and castors are either swivel or solid with a brake option and specialised wheel fittings can be integrated into the MiniTec system.

The modular nature of MiniTec, combined with the tracking capability of the T-slot, provides a simple system for slides and sliding doors. The T-slot can also be used as a low voltage conduit for sensors and provides a ready mounting point for switches, actuators and large conduits.

The system utilises more than 30 major elements to produce three styles of modular linear systems to fit most industrial requirements for both load and speed.

CAD support is available and includes all planning and implementation requirements. The combination of software and components enables delivery of the fullest potential for efficient and flexible machine construction.

SMC claims design time can be reduced by up to 60 per cent by using on-line support when compared with conventional design methods. All components are available in 2D and 3D formats from the electronic catalogue.

Additionally, the MiniTec CAD menu contains integrated design modules for belt conveyors, linear axis, assembly workstations and roller tracks to reduce the design time for the most common applications to a few minutes.

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