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Energy-saving range reduces compressed air consumption

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SMC Pneumatics has released an energy saving range, designed to help manufacturers address rising operating and energy costs. The range works by drastically reducing the amount of compressed air consumed in automated processes.

The KN nozzle range is designed to provide the same air collision pressure to air guns as those used without nozzles. The nozzles deliver cost savings by doing so at a fraction of the supply pressure. They provide increased control as well as large energy savings. KN nozzles can be effectively used with the ergonomically-designed plastic-bodied VMG series blow gun.

The VMG gun provides constant operational force regardless of the supply pressure. Thanks to the smooth flow of fluid within the patent pending design, the gun experiences pressure losses of less than 1%. The lightweight gun fits comfortably in the hand and is ideal for cleaning swarf, dirt, debris and other foreign matter from equipment and products in manufacturing and tooling applications. In areas where hot machinery or components may pose OH&S risks, the VMG gun can also be used to cool most surfaces.

Another product in the energy saving range is the low maintenance, eco-friendly, regenerative FN1 filter. The filter element is made up of a series of grooved filter plates and wave washers. When the element is compressed, any foreign matter is trapped between the plates and washers. Decompressing the element allows flushing of any foreign matter for collection, eliminating the need for element replacement. It is suitable for use with water, coolants, petroleum products and alkalis, minimising downtime and reducing maintenance and ongoing operating costs.

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