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SMC Pneumatics has expanded its range of Series MSQ rack-and-pinion type rotary tables with the introduction of a third model.

The new unit features external shock absorbers designed specifically to withstand greater kinetic energy forces than existing models used in robotic and precision assembly operations.

Current Series MSQ models feature either internal shock absorbers or internal adjustment bolts. Internal shock absorbers are used where the kinetic energy applied is moderate and needs to be absorbed by the rotary table.

Internal adjustment bolt models are designed for applications where effective torque output is the major design criterium. In these applications, kinetic energy is either very low or is not required to be absorbed by the rotary table.

Critical mounting dimensions and the table height of each size are identical across the three MSQ models. This allows for interchangeability without additional engineering. All models also have an angular adjustment capability.

SMC claims that the new external shock absorber models can accept 4 to 10 times more kinetic energy than existing units fitted with internal shock absorbers. Allowable radial and thrust loads, as well as moments applied to the mounting table, are also higher than on conventional rotary actuators.

The Series MSQ external shock absorber models are available in four sizes (coded 10, 20, 30 and 50) with piping ports on the side as well as the end surfaces to accommodate different mounting requirements. Rotation angles are 90° and 180°.

Additional features highlighted by the manufacturer include easy mounting of work pieces on a built-in table with positioning pin hole, a hollow shaft to accommodate piping and wiring, and a reduction in longitudinal mounting space due to the absence of adjustment bolts or internal shock absorbers.

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