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Contamination-free fluoropolymer connections

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article image All parts offer excellent corrosion resistance.

TO MEET the most stringent anti-contamination requirements, SMC Pneumatics has released a new range of high purity fluoropolymer fittings and tubings.

The new LQ series fittings and TL/TIL series tubing are designed to handle fluids in processing applications within the pharmaceutical, medical, instrumentation and food processing industries - or any others where preventing contamination is essential.

Through their four point sealing mechanisms and trapezoidal thread design, connections made with the new products are claimed to perform well under heat and pressure fluctuations, even with fluids at temperatures as high as 200°C.

The four-point seal also allows negligible space for wet stowage, ensuring the integrity of process fluids is maintained.

Fittings come in six types, with tubing available in diameters of 4 to 19mm. If flow requirements during processing change, the seal design allows for quick changes of tubing or tubing diameters using the same fitting body. Built-in support resists easy crimping or deformation of the tubing.

The manufacturer claims all parts offer excellent corrosion resistance and are compatible for use with a range of chemicals including acids, bases and ultrapure water. SMC Pneumatics 02 9354 8222.

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