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Brute force from double-power actuators

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article image Double-power MGZ series actuator.

SMC Pneumatics has released details of the expanded MGZ series of non-rotating and rotating actuators. The MGZ series combines the power of a tandem cylinder and the rotary torque resistance of a guided cylinder in a single, compact unit.

Offering double the output force of a conventional cylinder of comparable size, the MGZ is suitable for heavy-duty press, sawmilling, mining and metalworking applications.

In addition, its compact dimensions, light weight, high rotary torque resistance and substantial load carrying capacity make it particularly suitable for mechatronic and robotic applications.

MGZ actuators incorporate large diameter tube rods that occupy up to 80 per cent of the cylinders' external square cross-sectional dimensions.

High output force is achieved by the rod design: the rod is partially hollow, providing two 'piston' surfaces and effectively doubling the area acted upon by compressed air during the outward stroke.

The design also provides a 30 per cent reduction in cylinder length compared to a conventional tandem cylinder of comparable output.

Models in both non-rotating and rotating options are available in bore sizes from 32 to 80mm and offer stroke lengths up to 1000mm.

Due to the rod design, effective bore size is approximately 40 per cent greater than conventional cylinders. Maximum operating pressure is 1MPa.

High rotary torque resistance is achieved on the non-rotating model by the incorporation of an internal guide mechanism.

As the piston moves, two sliding-keys or rollers, fitted to opposite sides of the piston, move within longitudinal grooves machined into the interior surface of the cylinder barrel.

As the distance between the rollers and a load at the end of the rod always remains the same, resistance to rotary torque does not diminish with increased stroke as it does with conventional guided actuators.

The internal guide design provides moment resistance equal to that of a conventional externally guided actuator incorporating two guide shafts, while reducing the cross-sectional footprint by approximately 40 per cent.

In addition, MGZ series actuators incorporate grooves for mounting auto switches on all four sides of the body. A coil scraper is an option on the non-rotating MGZ to remove contaminants from the piston rod.

Also available is an end lock that will stop a fully extended piston rod from retracting if the air supply fails.

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