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SMC’s air dryers for factory environments
18.11.2018 - SMC Australia New Zealand offers a complete range of pneumatic and automation solutions for every need and application.
Saving energy with SMC’s VMG blow guns and nozzles
12.11.2018 - SMC’s blow guns featuring energy saving nozzles offer up to 20 per cent reduction in power consumption.
SMC’s first smart actuation sensor with continuous feedback
07.11.2018 - The launch of the D-MP smart actuation sensor highlights SMC’s commitment to optimising operating efficiencies for their customers.
SMC makes a name for itself in the food industry
12.09.2018 - ​SMC will be showcasing at this years Foodtech Packtech New Zealand from 18 – 20 September
The South Australian Potato Company partners with SMC to bring Field to Fork all whilst saving energy
23.07.2018 - The South Australian Potato Company partners with SMC to bring Field to Fork all whilst saving energy
Magnetic gripper for safe handling of steel plates sans vacuum
09.10.2017 - SMC Pneumatics has added a new range of magnetic grippers designed for safe handling and transfer of steel plates as well as sheet metal.
Japanese pneumatic control drives SMC bus doors
23.08.2017 - SMC Pneumatics (Australia) has found a niche market for their quality Japanese pneumatic control systems with their use in bus doors.
SMC’s electric actuators for diverse industry applications
25.05.2017 - SMC Pneumatics (Australia) offers a comprehensive range of electrical actuators, motors and controllers.
Aussie loads -- covered at the push of a button
22.02.2006 - TRANSPORTING loads by truck in Australia is becoming safer for the environment and workers, thanks to a clever and secure automated tarpaulin system developed by an ex-truck mechanic in Sydney's outer
Flexible five-port solenoid valve
20.02.2006 - SMC Pneumatics has introduced the SV2000 five-port solenoid valve into Australia.
New series of electro-pneumatic positioners
07.02.2006 - DESIGNED by SMC Pneumatics, the new IP8000 series of electro-pneumatic positioner, which operates on a 4-20mA electrical signal, is enabled with an instrument quality air supply between 0.14MPa and 0.7MPa.
Five-port solenoid valve
27.01.2006 - SMC Pneumatics is expanding its range of stackable manifolds with plug-in valve stations with the introduction of the SV2000 5-port solenoid valve into Australia. Electrically and pneumatically stackable, the SV2000 has been designed to simplify manu
Flow switches for air
23.01.2006 - SMC Pneumatics has launched the PF2A range of flow switches for air in the Australian market. The PF2A is part of the PF range of flow switches released by SMC Pneumatics in 2004 to replace its PFA, PFW and PFD series.
No static, no dust ionisers
09.01.2006 - SMC Pneumatics claims to have solved static elimination applications with the introduction of the IZS30 series Ioniser. According to SMC, elimination of static electrical charges on products in many i
Fluoropolymer needle valve for chemicals
09.12.2005 - SMC Pneumatics Australia has launched a new fluoropolymer needle valve for chemicals. The new LVN needle valves are an addition to SMC's large range of existing fluoropolymer products for sensitive chemical applications.
Australian high-speed packaging machine still top after 20 years
07.12.2005 - A high-speed packaging machine originally developed 20 years ago by TNA is still the market leader for snack food packaging equipment worldwide. Now, with new generation models recently released, TNA shares the secrets of the machine that has dominat
Packaging OEMs in the spotlight
03.11.2005 - Janine Sherringham takes a look at some local packaging OEMs who have helped shape Australia’s packaging industry.
Electric, rodless actuator
28.10.2005 - SMC Pneumatics (Australia) Pty Ltd has released a unique actuator that combines the operational benefits of an air cylinder with the speed and control of an electric actuator. Available in either high
Hydraulic cylinder range extended
12.10.2005 - AFTER releasing its first hydraulic cylinder range in late 2003, SMC Pneumatics Australia has extended the range in response to positive industry feedback. The new models, designated CHD, offer many o
Compact cylinder with lock and air cushion
11.10.2005 - SMC has introduced the RLQ series, a compact cylinder with a lock and air cushion. This cylinder series integrates a locking mechanism and a unique new style of air cushions while maintaining a short overall length. Typical applications include drop
Chisholm TAFE and SMC - addressing the skills shortage
28.09.2005 - CHISHOLM TAFE, in Victoria's manufacturing heart of Dandenong, is doing its part to address the skills shortage - and to attract new recruits to the Australian manufacturing industry.
Stainless steel one-touch fittings
27.09.2005 - SMC Pneumatics has released a new range of stainless steel 316 one-touch fittings that are now available in Australia. The new KQG range can be used with air, water or steam with different types of tubes, including FEP, PFA, Nylon, polyurethane or po
Pressure release for OH&S
19.09.2005 - SMC Pneumatics has launched a range of pneumatic products dedicated to raising OH&S levels in manufacturing applications. Part of the range is an updated pressure isolation and release valve. The VHS pressure relief 3-port valve has been developed to
Spotlight on food safety program
26.08.2005 - Food supply, its safety and the problems that can be encountered through poor storage and handling have been concerns to humans since time began. Here, Janine Sherringham outlines the HACCP food safety program and what it means for manufacturers.
Fittings for food from SMC
17.08.2005 - SMC Pneumatics (Australia) Pty Ltd has introduced the KQG range of 316 stainless steel one-touch fittings for the food and associated industries. The company has recently gained HACCP accreditation fo
World’s tallest building a challenge - even at only 7m
04.08.2005 - WITH filmmakers flocking to New Zealand to make their masterpieces, a host of local companies in related industries are booming.
Pressure isolation and release valves, blow guns with air nozzles and soft start-up valves
28.06.2005 - SMC Pneumatics has released a range of pneumatic equipment designed to raise OH&S awareness in the workplace. Focused on the safe operation and control of compressed air, the range includes pressure isolation and release valves, blow guns with air no
Energy-saving range reduces compressed air consumption
24.06.2005 - SMC Pneumatics has released an energy saving range, designed to help manufacturers address rising operating and energy costs. The range works by drastically reducing the amount of compressed air consu
SMC's smooth cylinder offering expands
14.12.2004 - SMC's smooth cylinder range has been extended with the addition of a new 25mm bore cylinder to the CQSY series. Ideal for use with precision regulators in roller or object transfer applications, the CQSY cylinders feature bi-directional, low-friction
Hydraulic cylinders with built-in magnets
15.11.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has released the CHD hydraulic cylinder range, with built-in magnets for easy installation of an autoswitch. The cylinders also offer a range of bore sizes, stroke lengths and operating pressures.
Compact cylinder for guidance and control
12.11.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has added 25mm-bore CQMB compact guided cylinder to its CQM range. It has a nonrotating accuracy of ±0.1° and is available in stroke lengths from 5mm to 50mm.
Automated total engine cleaning system
20.09.2004 - EDE Systems, represented in Australia by SMC Pneumatics, has developed an automated total engine cleaning system.
Low-differential pressure sensor from SMC
17.09.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has released the PSE550 low differential pressure sensor. It can detect pressure differences as low as 0.2kPa. It is especially useful where heating and ventilation need to be monitored.
Winning team at Queensland theme park
15.09.2004 - WET'N'WILD Water World on Queensland's Gold Coast may be more concerned with H2O than any of the other vital elements, but it was air that recently became the focus when a piece of test equipment was required for the park's Mammoth Falls attractions.
Trimmer switch makes sorting easy
07.07.2004 - A CLEVER new trimmer switch which easily distinguishes between different work pieces has been released by SMC Pneumatics. The D-RPK can be set to perform tasks based on three different user-determined parameters.
Two-way smooth operation cylinders
01.06.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has released a 'smooth operation' option for its range of CA tie rod cylinders, CM2 crimped construction cylinders, CQ2 compact cylinders and the CG1 clean line cylinders. The 'smooth operation' option results in greatly reduced sticki
Regulator with built-in pressure gauge
10.05.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has launched the ARG series regulator with built-in pressure gauge onto the Australian market. According to SMC, this is the only regulator available in Australia to incorporate the pressure gauge into the handle, drastically reducing
Three-port solenoid valves
29.04.2004 - SMC Pneumatics released two three-port solenoid valves as a variation on V100 series. Both are compact directional control valves that enable the control of air flow as well as pilot control.
Corrosion resistant process pumps
28.04.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has released the PA3310 and the clean room PAP33135 compact process pumps on the Australian market. Among their attractions, the new pumps use PFA for all wetted parts, ensuring high corrosion resistance and long life.
Machining fluid filters
11.03.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has released the FN1 filter, designed for machine tool and general machinery industries.
High capacity diaphragm pumps
17.02.2004 - A NEW range of high capacity diaphragm pumps has been released by SMC Pneumatics. Developed to perform the transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids, the new PA, PAX and PB series deliver high performance in a well-designed, compact unit.
Regulator expands clean possibilities
21.01.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has added the SRF10 fluororesin type clean room regulator to its clean room range. Designed to control the supply pressure of de-ionised water and other chemicals, the SRF10 regulators utilise a remote pilot air supply to adjust the s
Super clean valves suit tight standards
21.01.2004 - SMC Pneumatics has released a new range of chemical valves and fittings. The valves will not allow liquid build-up in the valve body, ensuring no residual is present to generate contamination. This makes the new LV range of valves and associated fitt
Electro-pneumatic pressure regulator
13.01.2004 - SMC has released the ITV1000 electro-pneumatic regulator. This fills a gap between the compact ITV0000 and the larger ITV2000 and 3000.
Controller for E/P regulators
05.12.2003 - SMC Pneumatics has released details of its IC controller which is now available in Australia.When used in conjunction with an electropneumatic regulator such as SMC's series ITV0000, the IC controller enables the downward pressure applied on a cylind
Heavy-duty stopping cylinder
05.12.2003 - SMC Pneumatics has added to its range of RSH heavy-duty stopping cylinders for conveyor applications with the release of the RS1H model.
Hydraulic cylinder with adjustable auto switch
24.11.2003 - SMC Pneumatics has launched a range of hydraulic cylinders in Australia. The range, which has been available overseas for some time, includes a tie-rod, compact and dual rod cylinders with a range of options and capabilities.
Electro-pneumatic pressure regulators
16.10.2003 - SMC has announced the release of its ITV1000 electro-pneumatic regulator. The ITV1000 fills the gap between SMC's super compact ITV0000 and the larger ITV2000 and 3000 - each of which offers precision operation.
Pocket rocket from SMC
26.08.2003 - SMC Pneumatics has released what it believes to be the world's smallest and lightest vacuum ejector onto the Australian market. The extremely compact Series ZQ space-saving vacuum ejector is just 10mm wide and weighs only 440g.
Automatic airbag inflation system
17.07.2003 - RESOURCE Mining Services, a specialist in wear-resistant rubber products for materials handling applications, has developed an automatic bag inflation system to solve 'hang-up' problems in bulk filling. The new system is being hailed by customers as
Couplers for air and water
05.06.2003 - SMC Pneumatics has expanded its range of S couplers with the addition of the stainless steel KKA Series, suitable for handling both air and water. Unique to this range is a built-in check valve which is available on both the plug and socket to preven
Rotary joint enables rotary motion
26.02.2003 - SMC's new MQR rotary joint is now available to local manufacturers. Based on results seen overseas, the company predicts that in Australia the product will simplify the manufacture, operation and maintenance of machines using rotary action.
Guides for ISO/VDMA cylinders
25.02.2003 - SMC Pneumatics has released a new range of guide units for its ISO VDMA cylinders. The new units are ideal for applications where a standard non-rotating cylinder does not offer sufficiently high resistance to rotary torque and side load.
Compact arrangement for multiple regulators
13.02.2003 - FOR maximum space efficiency where multiple regulators are used in manufacturing, SMC Pneumatics has released the ARM 10/11 manifold regulator, developed to combine regulators into a compact manifold arrangement. SMC's new regulator saves space, pipi
Energy saving air nozzles
24.01.2003 - AS part of SMC Pneumatics' focus on energy saving products, the company has added the KN series air nozzles to its Australian range. Available in different types including high-flow, low noise, self-aligning and extension nozzles, all KN models can b
On-line automation design service
05.12.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has launched 'E-Tech', an international on-line specification tool to assist automation designers. E-Tech allows designers to select, size and build pneumatic automation products.
Fast, efficient aluminium profile system
18.10.2002 - SMC Pneumatics claims the MiniTec modular, structural framing system is the fastest and easiest-assembled T-slot construction system currently available. The system is suitable for building custom projects as an alternative to welded steel frames.
Training program determines workplace needs
01.10.2002 - SMC Pneumatics is now offering a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) program to assist customers in accurately determining workplace training needs. The TNA program compares the skills required with skills held, and determines the existing skills gap.
Energy saving air catch sensor
03.09.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has released the Series ISA2 air catch sensor with a reduced minimum operating pressure for energy saving. The sensor is also claimed to provide greater accuracy in the detection of product placement over a wide range of manufacturing
Low cost digital pressure switch
20.08.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has added a low cost, high precision digital pressure switch to the Series ZSE/ISE. Coded ZSE 30 for vacuum pressure, and ISE 30 for positive pressure, the units feature a two-colour digital display that provides for four different dis
Pressure switches with extended fluid compatibility
15.08.2002 - THE Series ZSE/ISE high accuracy digital pressure switches from SMC Pneumatics has been upgraded for improved resolution and accuracy and extended fluid compatibility. These specialised, compact switches, are coded ZSE 50 and 60 for vacuum pressure a
Twelve connections with one push
01.08.2002 - THE painstaking task of individually connecting multiple tubes to a control panel is a thing of the past thanks to the DMK multi-connector range from SMC Pneumatics. And with the recent addition of a 4mm version to the range, more work places can now
Filter system eliminates element replacement
01.08.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has introduced a patented eco-friendly regenerative filter that eliminates the need for element replacement, thereby reducing maintenance costs.The element of the FN1 Series filter is constructed of a series of grooved filter plates an
Economical high flow blow gun
20.06.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has introduced a compact, ergonomically-designed blow gun with air nozzle it claims can save up to 90 per cent air consumption compared to competitive models. A patented operating valve enables less than one per cent pressure loss, ens
Brute force from double-power actuators
11.06.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has released details of the expanded MGZ series of non-rotating and rotating actuators. The MGZ series combines the power of a tandem cylinder and the rotary torque resistance of a guided cylinder in a single, compact unit.
Non-return valves for pressure circuits
02.04.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has released details of the Series AKH/AKB non-return valves for use in all compressed air and vacuum circuits.
Compact locking cylinder adds security
27.03.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has released the Series CLS compact locking cylinders designed to afford extra security and safety on production and assembly lines in the event of changes in air pressure. The locking cylinder prevents piston dropping caused by a decr
Pneumatics guarantee airtight seal
27.02.2002 - AN Australian manufacturer has developed a high precision pneumatically operated system for detecting even the smallest holes in airtight packaging containers. So advanced is the technology that, in recent years, the company expanded its operations
WA company cleans up in safety stakes
14.02.2002 - WHEN heavy vehicle repairer Robinson Field Engineering found that available industrial parts cleaning machines were expensive and dangerous to use, the company started building its own. Two years later, Australia's first fully automated industrial cl
Gating cylinders for conveyors
31.01.2002 - SMC Pneumatics has expanded its cylinder range with the introduction of its first line of gating cylinders. Designed to control product flow, separation and grouping on conveyors, the MIW and MIS series have been introduced to increase precision and
Precision flow for sensitive environments
17.01.2002 - FOR regulating flow with high precision in sensitive environments, SMC Pneumatics has released the new SRP precision clean regulator. Manufactured primarily from SUS316 stainless steel, the SRP is suitable for use in environments where contamination
Profile cylinders aid cleanliness
17.01.2002 - THE special demands of food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and clean room applications have been a major factor in the design of new profile air cylinders, according to the manufacturer, SMC Pneumatics.
Contamination-free fluoropolymer connections
17.01.2002 - TO MEET the most stringent anti-contamination requirements, SMC Pneumatics has released a new range of high purity fluoropolymer fittings and tubings designed to handle fluids in processing applications within the pharmaceutical, medical, instrumenta
Welding system increases efficiency
04.12.2001 - WHEN Toyota's production line for the new model Camry starts next year, a new PLC-powered welding system will be in place, increasing production efficiencies and making maintenance procedures easier than ever before.
Multi-channel pressure sensor controller
28.11.2001 - SMC Pneumatics has released the PSE200, a four-channel pressure sensor controller that, in conjunction with the PSE530 pressure sensor, can control pressure from a number of remote locations.
SAE approved plastic bodied fittings
24.10.2001 - SMC Pneumatics has released its push-to-connect, SAE approved, plastic body fittings suitable for transport and vehicle usage. The Series KV fittings are manufactured from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), a dimensionally and mechanically stable engi
Air technology conquers export markets
09.10.2001 - SYDNEY-based Bishop Manufacturing Technology (BMT) recently shipped a $500,000 air balance valve centring machine to an automotive component supplier in Argentina. This is the sixth such machine produced and orders have been shipped to Japan and Germ
Ultra compact valve for water and air
02.10.2001 - THE SMC Series VDW valves from SMC Pneumatics are lightweight, ultra compact, direct-operated 2 or 3 port solenoid valves suitable for water, air and low vacuum.
Automation improving materials handling systems.
15.05.2001 - ONE of the world's leading manufacturers of bulk materials handling equipment is using automation to improve the design and function of its equipment.
Clean gas filters
10.05.2001 - RECENTLY introduced by <xt tag="CompanyName" link="3745">SMC Pneumatics</xt>, the series SF Clean Gas Filters are particularly suitable for ensuring the quality of gases used in semiconductor manufacture, thin film deposition, vacuum metallurgy, biom
Energy absorbing rotary table
09.05.2001 - SMC Pneumatics has expanded its range of Series MSQ rack-and-pinion type rotary tables with the introduction of a third model.
Pneumatic power valve
09.03.2001 - WITH five body-ported models and two base-mount models available in the range, SMC Pneumatics’ new VEX3 Series 3-position power valves are suitable for any applications where intermediate and emergency stopping of medium and large cylinders is requir
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