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Wheel Chocks Providing Enhanced Safety from SM Safety

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SM Safety Wheel Chocks offering enhanced safety for employees and assets
Choosing the right Wheel Chocks ensures the safety of employees and financial investment in vehicles and large haul trucks. SM Safety's wheel chocks are strong and long lasting.

Wheel Chocks for oversize and mining trucks
  • MC1909 : For oversize trucks and mine support equipment with tyres up to 1.6m Dia.
  • MC1910 :  for Haul trucks with tyres up to 2.6m Dia
  • MC1911 : for Haul trucks with tyres greater than 2.6m Dia. for use on steep grades
  • MC1912 : for Haul trucks with tyres greater than 2.6m Dia

Wheel chocks from 4wd to semi trailers

  • UC1700 : for vehicle and trailers up to 4wd size 
  • UC1400-4.5 : triangle chock with handle for trailers, 4wd and small trucks
  • UC1400-6 : triangle chock with handle for large trailers and medium trucks
  • UC1500-4.5 : for rigid trucks up to 15 tonne                                    
  • UC1500-6 - for semi trailers up to 30 tonn

Other wheel chocks include:

  • "Tiger Chock" Aviation Wheel Chocks: Available for small general aviation aircraft up to A380
  • "Road Block" Rubber Chocks
SM Safety's mining and construction safety equipment used for optimal on site safety with products that comply with OHS and workplace standards. SM Safety (Special Mining Services) information and contact details


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