SL Plastics

Plastic injection moulding, custom moulding and plastics manufacturer. For over 35 years,SL Plastics have delivered solid advancements in plastic product development for some of Australia's largest companies.
SL Plastics was bought by W&S Plastics in 2011.


Supplier news
26/05/08 - Forming an alliance to bring bio degradable plastic on stream, SL Plastics now offers products which, at the end of their useful life, will disappear back into mother earth without leaving any foot-print.
Supplier news
14/03/08 - SL Plastics worked with its team and manufactured a 3 tiered stand made of acrylic.
Supplier news
10/03/08 - Plastic injection mouldings are available from SL Plastics.
Supplier news
19/09/07 - SL Plastics is an Australian owned specialist Injection Moulding company dedicated to providing quality, low pricing and excellent service to you, the client.

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SL Plastics (Head office) Update these details
35-39 Seton Rd
NSW 2170
Tel: 02 8778 7430
Fax: 02 9601 2466

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