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Vibration monitoring of plant equipment

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article image Marlin VibPak -- automatically collects vibration data.

SKF’s new VibPak is a Marlin accessory that connects to the Marlin data manager. It enables Marlin users to collect vibration velocity and enveloped acceleration data from machinery in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

The collected data can then be trended in the Marlin data manager and/or Prism4 software.

The Marlin VibPak is a compact, lightweight unit and is a cost-effective, safe solution to take advantage of systems already in place to facilitate monitoring of plant equipment.

The unit links to the Marlin data manager via a small cable and is carried comfortably in a shoulder pouch. Audio headphones can be plugged directly into the VibPak to listen to bearing noise at the sensor.

The headphones make it possible to filter out general factory noise and focus only on the sound of the bearing to facilitate detection of impending bearing or machine problems.

Plant personnel simply attach the desired instrument and proceed with collecting data via the Marlin system.

The VibPak collects data from most standard 100 mV/g industrial accelerometers. Its small size is an easy fit in locations not easily reached with a standard vibration instrument.

It also collects vibration data from permanently mounted accelerometers in hard to reach areas, or even in remote locations via other SKF systems.

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