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VIBRACON SM elements, available from SKF Australia , provide a good foundation for machinery. The product, patented by Machine Support BV from the Netherlands, permits quick and extremely accurate alignment. In many cases, costly machining of foundations or base frames can be avoided.

The spherical top of the Vibracon SM element allows deviations of up to 4° to be accommodated. This in combination with the height adjustment capability eliminates the possibility of a soft foot.

Vibracon SM elements can be used in packaged units between the machinery the base frame and also on board ships between foundation and machinery.

The elements have been widely used in the marine sector and have received approvals from leading classification societies and machine suppliers. Use of them can drastically reduce alignment and installation time.

The elements also form a perfect match with modern laser alignment systems.

The design derives from Machine Support's long involvement in the mounting and alignment of machinery and associated measuring tasks, particularly in marine applications where the system is approved by all major classification societies and machinery manufacturers.

Vibracon SM elements are becoming more and more the favourite method for mounting and chocking machinery like diesel engines, turbines, gearboxes, compressors, generators, and electric motors.

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