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SKF has released the TIH 030M portable induction heater. It weighs 20.9kg and has a handle. The induction coil is outside the heater's housing for maximum efficiency and speed.

The heater is capable of heating a 28kg bearing in 20 minutes and has a heating capacity of 40kg bearing weight. It has two bearing support arms which fold out of its base, allowing larger diameter bearings to be heated. These support arms also function as an internal storage for the three yokes supplied with the TIH 030m. The control panel and LED display are integrated in a remote control, which makes the TIH 030m easy to use.

Smart electronics protect the induction coil and the circuitry of the TIH 030m from thermal overheating. Time heating mode allows the heating of components other than bearings. The heater also has a temperature heating mode which is pre-set at 110ºC to prevent bearing overheating.

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