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SKF launches knowledge-based system

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AS PART of its growth strategy, SKF Reliability Systems has formed a new technology, branded @ptitude to develop technologies and services that automate the decision support process and at the same time provide customers in manufacturing settings with advanced asset management capabilities.

"This initiative is a further development in SKF's drive to support industrial customers with knowledge-based services designed to reduce total operation costs, maximise maintenance efficiency and increase production by optimising asset efficiency," says Phil Knights, president of SKF Service Division.

@ptitude solutions are a more effective alternative to the practice of manually accessing, analysing, distributing, and storing information used to make maintenance and reliability decisions.

As a structured, automated process, @ptitude solutions reduce variability and improve efficiency by integrating condition monitoring systems, automated machinery diagnostics, distributed control systems, computerised maintenance management systems, and internet/intranet websites with SKF competence and knowledge.

Key features of @ptitude decision support technology include:

* @ptitudeAlert is a knowledge-based system that analyzes extensive data from condition-based maintenance systems. Using advanced diagnostic techniques, it extracts symptoms from measurements to indicate an asset's health. In operation, @ptitudeAlert sends the appropriate information about an asset and its symptoms to @ptitudeView for additional fault resolution with symptoms from other data sources. These additional sources may include operator inspections, process control systems and data historians, as well as detective technologies.

* @ptitudeView documents, prioritises and displays machine-reliability and maintenance results and automatically:

· Documents and reports diagnosis results - detailing a problem machine's faults, including qualified severity, confidence and alert levels.

· Reduces the amount of data an individual must collect and review to diagnose machinery health.

· Records and reports inspection results that detail causes of asset faults and failures.

· Prioritises machine problems, highlighting critical issues needing immediate attention.

· Stores and organises documents, data, and asset histories.

· Communicates results to a wide audience and alerts personnel to abnormal conditions.

· Generates work requests within computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS).

* @ptitudeXchange is an online web-enabled source for asset management knowledge (http://www.aptitudexchange.com). The mission of @ptitudeXchange is to provide exceptional value to manufacturing professionals by becoming the premier knowledge source for asset maintenance and reliability-related issues.

This fee-based knowledge source provides access to the global expertise of SKF as well as its alliance partners. Users have immediate access to a knowledge bank of documents as well as web-based interactive decision support services.

Knowledge on @ptitudeXchange consists of information to understand industrial processes and the recommended solutions for improving asset performance.

SKF Reliability Systems supports industrial customers with knowledge-based service solutions by providing mechanical services, preventive and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, decision support systems and performance - based contracts

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