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SKF-Vogel Windlub centralised lubrication system

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SKF Australia  have released the central oil and grease lubricating system for all lubrication tasks in wind energy stations, called the SKF-Vogel Windlub centralised lubrication system.

The SKF-Vogel Windlub centralised lubrication system can save wind farmers time and money as the Windlub lubrication system is able to supply each individual lubrication point of a wind turbine accurately with grease.

The SKF-Vogel Windlub centralised lubrication system is designed to minimise the need for manual lubrication of the critical components including the main shaft bearings, pitch bearings, azimuth drives and bearings and main generators in wind turbines.

The SKF-Vogel Windlub system uses a centralised reservoir, which is easy to replenish during routine maintenance and which feeds a network of lubrication distributor units. These are automatically monitored to ensure that precisely metered quantities of grease are applied to the appropriate lubrication points.

Unique features and benefits of the SKF-Vogel centralised lubrication system:

  • Cost reductions resulting from extended service interval and lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Accurate and individual lubricant supply to each lubrication point
  • Centralised monitoring of lubricant level, metering volumes and total function through main PLC
  • Low installation costs
  • Retrofit (add-on) kits available for wind farmers and end users
Windlub can also be monitored remotely by SKF Windcon System. SKF Windcon systems enables wind farmer mangers to monitor a turbine or an entire wind farm and to predict when maintenance will be required. This makes it possible to both to reduce operating costs and extend wind turbine life.

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